In and Out of August

It’s the last day of August, and rumor has it, the last really hot day we’ll have here in Germany this year. I won’t be sorry to see the blistering heat depart, but I’m firmly hoping that we’ll have another lovely “Indian Summer” this year… as I’m nowhere near ready to say goodbye to summer entirely.

August was a busy month once again. Not with work, as is typical in this freelancing life, but time passed quickly with a few classes, visits to and from friends, BBQs, some arts ‘n crafts, new books, and even a little getaway for my 32rd birthday.

To be honest, I was pretty okay with turning 32 until I realized that’s the inverse of 23, one of my favorite songs by Jimmy Eat World. Which ALSO meant that I’ve been listening to that song for ten years. That freaked me out a bit. Not sure where the time goes these days. In the end, the best solution was to be an anti-social weirdo for my birthday, and just spend it with BV, some champagne, and a Thai curry from my favorite take-out place in Nürnberg. Perfect.

And a week later, when the weather finally cooperated, we escaped to the mountains for fresh, pine-scented air, the Schinkennudeln that BV has been talking about for the last three years, and the cool, crystalline waters of the Isar to stick our feet in at the end of the hike. Again, perfect.



12 thoughts on “In and Out of August

    • Danke! Ooooh, so jealous that you were in water today. I sat in the cave of our living room hoping it didn’t hit 30 in here again. Thought it would be better today but it’s not feeling any cooler.

  1. Happy belated birthday! Yay for no more heat – I can’t take it anymore! Don’t worry about those 3… birthdays; they begin to blend into each other! 😉😢

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