A Slightly Random Story About Slightly Random Things

Once upon a time, BV and I were in South Tyrol and slightly concerned about finding dinner. Though it was raining slightly, we followed the signs out of our village to check out a restaurant and see if it was open yet. The restaurant was called the Enzianhütte, which seemed promising, as both Enzian and Hütte are good things.

Enzian, pre=Schapps

Enzian, pre-Schapps

Slightly more than a kilometer down the road, we found the restaurant… slightly closed. But across the road from the restaurant, we found something slightly more random. Click away to see what….

hello goats

Tiny. Goats.

Why were there tiny goats there? I have no friggin’ idea.

What else did we find?

goats and sheep

Along with the tiny goats, there were a few scaredy-sheep. And standing guard over all of this oddness…

peacock guard

A majestic peacock.

As you can see from the (slightly crappy phone) pictures, all of this was surrounded by a fence of questionable security, but that’s about it. The little restaurant was across the street, but there was no sign of anyone nearby; understandable since it wasn’t open yet. Next to the restaurant was an also-closed barn/nightclub… presumably hopping in the ski season. Next to the animals was another shed and a woodpile a few meters away, but that was it. No houses, no people, no signs of life.

First we thought that it was a half-assed petting zoo for the restaurant, so that the adults could send their kids outside when they wanted to drink their Enzian Schnapps in peace, but the animals were extremely skittish when we approached.  Doesn’t seem likely that they’d be any  more relaxed with overexcited Kinder, so a petting zoo is probably out.

The jury is out…. any ideas what is happening here??


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