Drinkin’ with Downton

I don’t talk much about pop culture or entertainment on this blog, but I’d like to do a little of that today.  Because as the Dowager Countess says, a change is as good as a rest.

bellsIn the last few years, I found myself completely addicted to Downton Abbey. I started and stopped watching it (darn you, strange short BBC seasons!), and then got back into it to an almost dangerous level. Since I loved it so much, I even paid for it on iTunes (a rarity in my life), and therefore it’s my go-to show for background noise when doing stuff around the house.

downton exterior

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and this season will reportedly be the last. Since it starts airing tonight in the U.K., I thought the time was ripe to present any other fans out there with an additional level for the show.

Yes… it’s here: The Totally Unofficial Heather Goes to Deutschland Downton Abbey Drinking Game

You are welcome.

Rules are simple, take drink of your preferred poison for any of the following things. Bonus points are awarded if you’re drinking something mentioned in the show (think: claret, port, brandy, etc.)

Disclaimer: If you want to binge drink, that’s your business, not mine. However, given some of the story lines this show has seen in the last five seasons, it might be best to have a witness capable of calling the hospital if need be. After all, we weren’t all trained as soldiers.

With that said, pour yourself a new-fangled cocktail and get to sippin’!

mary cheers

Drink for:

~Any use of old-timey expressions (suggestions below):

  • someone has a bit between their teeth
  • someone is in the soup
  • something won’t be settled by Tuesday
  • a change is as good as a rest
  • someone is back in their boxdefeatist

~Julian Fellowes seems to have a lot of favorite words, and therefore drink when any of the following are uttered:

  • settled
  • title
  • progress

~Someone subtlety slags off America, or Cora for being American and therefore inferior to the rest of them.


~Name-dropping of historical figures (think: Lloyd George, Churchill, or “this Herr Hitler”)

~Mary mocks Edith for loving Marigold too much.


~The Dowager Countess rings her tiny bell.

~Anyone uses the phrase “it’s not my secret to tell.”

~Carson gets dramatically indignant.

carson indignant

~Thomas smokes a cigarette. Drink twice if he does it while plotting.

thomas smokes

~A policeman shows up to talk to and/our about either Anna or Mr. Bates.

~Daisy has a crisis of confidence.

~Mary has multiple suitors in the same room (just on the first appearance, safety first!)

marys men

~Any reference is made to hall boys… those poor lads that seem to be omnipresent though we never learn a name.

~Same goes for a reference to Madge. Poor girl seems to have been there forever, but I have no idea which background person she is!

~Anytime you think/say out loud, “Maggie Smith is the greatest thing ever.” That’s probably a solid five drinks per show for me.

pipe smoking

~When someone questions the usefulness of a new technology (See: “Why would we want a telephone at Downton, my Lord?”)

telephone torture

Faithful watchers might wonder why I left “Robert does something stupid with money,” or “Mary rolls her eyes” off the list… but I don’t want anyone to die. Again, safety first.

Do you love Downton? Got anything else to add to the game? Leave it in the comments!

P.S. ~ No spoilers though, please, I’ll have to wait a few days to watch…


*All GIFs via giphy.com


8 thoughts on “Drinkin’ with Downton

    • Haha… well it doesn’t surprise me that you haven’t seen it. A period costume drama doesn’t really strike me as very Steven-like. 🙂 Buuuuut if you and the lady ever find yourselves bored on a Saturday night with a bottle of Port laying around, pick a random episode and let me know how it goes!

      • Amelie likes period dramas like crazy. She digs stuff like The Tudors and Wolf Hall, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if she enjoyed Downton Abbey.

      • LOVE THE TUDORS. Sorry about the caps but LOVE IT. Haven’t seen Wolf Hall, but I will be looking into that tout suite! Sounds like your lady has good taste. I haven’t gotten B to watch Downton with me, but he’s seen half the episodes just from wandering through at the right time… you’ll have to let me know what you think!

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