BV Shows Team Spirit

Like millions of other Americans around the world, my Sundays in fall are all about football. Specifically, the Green Bay Packers, who are currently 5-0 and killing it. Whatever it is (or, the Bears, depending on the weekend).

Now that BV and I have been together a few years, he has been fully indoctrinated into the fandom, and dutifully joins me for most of the games. I usually let him off the hook for the ones that start at 2:30 am on work nights, which I think is fairly excusable.

So last Sunday evening just before 7, I was busily filling the living room table with taco fixins’ and beers, when I called out to him that it was almost game time and therefore time to don something green or gold and come on in. I had our fireplace going and it was fairly warm in the living room, so I offered him the use of my newly washed Packer sweatshirt, while I sported my t-shirt.

Here I model my hoodie during a stressful game circa 2013.

Here I model my hoodie during a stressful game circa 2013.

As I ran back and forth grabbing dinner supplies, he came into the kitchen to help with the last bowls, went to the couch, and sat down. I was just about to ask him if we needed anything else before the game started when…

B, while standing: “Wait, I forgot something.”

He then walked over to our pile of paper to burn, selected a large piece of cardboard box, and sat back down on the couch with the cardboard on his lap.

H: “What is that for?”

B: “For the game.”

H: “Why in the world do you need a piece of cardboard for the game? I just grabbed paper towels for the tacos.”

B: “No it’s a box. Because they’re the Packers.”

H: *stares*

B: “They pack…”

H: “No, I got it. Oh my God… we need beer now.”

While he did have a point, it would’ve been even better if he had grabbed a sausage or a can of meat, since the team was named after a meat-packing company, not just a packing company. But then that would’ve opened up way too many jokes about German sausages, and canned meat is one of those things that just probably shouldn’t exist anyway. Eek.


7 thoughts on “BV Shows Team Spirit

  1. I didn’t know you were Packer fans! My whole family (even a few who live in Minnesota) and my best friends are Packer fans. I was the only one who never cared about them or football at all, though it was fun to attend a few games (I was even at Ice Bowl II) and to get together in front of the TV to watch everybody yell at it. I bought my husband Packer sweats last year, which he wore for the game or two we watched. I wonder if their next game will be aired here.

    • Oh yes, it is serious business in our family. In fact, I logged onto FB this morning to be reminded that 8 years ago today I posted a picture of our cat and dog in their matching Packer bandanas.
      I’ve only been to one game when I was home for Christmas in 2011, but hopefully BV and I can get to one at some point. We’ll probably have to get him some appropriate garb before then though.
      It’s nice that they’re showing some of the games here now, although I do prefer the US broadcasts. Part of the fun is mocking the announcers and drooling over the commercials. Applebee’s never looks so good as when you can’t have it, haha.

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