Sunday Snapshots: Tiny Theaters

7bad windsheim

Up until recently, I spent Thursdays riding many trains to and from some classes in Bad Windsheim. While tiny, it’s fairly famous in Franconia due to its Freilandmuseum, thermal baths, and the prime location near many wine hills and walking trails. The town center is packed with lovely buildings covered in ornate details and the usual Fachwerk houses, but this was one of my favorite buildings in town.

Like the US, most small towns here had their own movie theaters back in the day, but you don’t see too many of them still standing. This is possibly the smallest theater I’ve ever seen, and I hope one day that my German is good enough to stop in and catch a movie if I’m in town again.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Tiny Theaters

  1. One of my students recommended “Frau Müller” muss weg to me – Zufall haha! That looks so cute – we also have a little cinema in my town but I haven’t been yet – must get on it! 🙂

  2. Aww, so tiny and cute!
    In Switzerland, most films are subtitled (in German AND French apparently!) so you’d be able to go to the cinema as much as you like here.

    • That’s pretty cool! There are a few theaters in Nürnberg that show most of the big movies in the OV (as ze Deutsch say), so I haven’t had too much trouble finding movies to see. 🙂 It’s better here than in Prague though… I rarely went to movies there, but somehow I managed to go see a few that involved a LOT of a foreign language (ex: Avatar and Inglorious Basterds) and then all the subtitles being in Czech made for some tricky plot-following!

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