Sunday Snapshots: Roman Layers and Lines


The forecast for the next few days in Germany looks snowier than our entire winter put together, so I thought it would be appropriate to see a bit more sun. My visit to Rome was pretty action-packed, and even in February it was warm enough to enjoy walking the city without a winter jacket. The bundled-up Romans might have disagreed with me, but coming from Germany it felt like a tropical vacation!

Weather aside, I love this photo because it represents so much of what I felt about Rome. It’s old, it’s new, it’s layers upon layers of history and thousands of stories. The people-watching is a sport unto itself, and you can hardly turn a corner without seeing something interesting. Or a cat. There are cats everywhere. And really, isn’t that what we all want?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Roman Layers and Lines

  1. New York, Paris, London and of course Berlin (the budget-friendliest metropolis) are exciting, vibrant, chequered and creative.
    But none of these cities has touched my soul like Roma. This city is –together with the Hellenic heritage- the genesis of our Western world. This town exhales tales and destinies of 2500 years at every turn, ghosts and spirits hover between each column and every arch.
    In my opinion, Roma is the only town you really MUST see.

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