BV Bros Down

One day last week was particularly lovely, so BV and I took the opportunity to wander over to our local Gasthof for a pre-dinner beer (and fries… dinner was small, I promise!)

While there, we chatted about a recent debate on theater-going that had happened in one of my classes. One of my students had gone to see the ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and while she had really been looking forward to it, she wasn’t crazy about their modern interpretation. While most of the others had visited various productions, or even traveled to Hamburg to see a (very far off Broadway) musical like ‘The Lion King,’ none were too interested in ballet, modern or not.

Being the open-to-new-experiences sort of guy that he is, BV said that he’d really like to go to the theater to see a show sometime. Maybe not a ballet, but he felt a bit bad that the last time he was in a real theater was when he took part in an elementary school production that was put on in the Schauspielhaus (playhouse) Nürnberg.

We talked about different options to look into, and decided that going to a show might be a good excuse to get out of town and go somewhere like Stuttgart or Munich, as they might have more choices. Nürnberg has a playhouse, an opera, and other venues, but there isn’t a ton of variety, and most of the shows are in German. BV said that he’d like to see something classic that he hadn’t seen before, like ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but if it’s Shakespeare, he wants to see it in English.*

That somehow led into us joking that we weren’t fancy enough to go to the opera in Munich… especially since most trips to Munich leave me feeling like a country mouse already.** I told BV that I was short of ball gowns, so not sure what I would do. And what would he wear?

BV: “A suit. And I’d have to wear a bro tie.”

H: “A what tie?”

BV: “A bro tie.”

H: “… it’s a bow tie, not a bro tie.”

BV: “Why not a bro tie? At a wedding, the broom and his bros wear a bro tie!”

H: …… cries laughing….

I’m just going to go ahead and blame ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for this one. And incidentally, if you google ‘bro tie’ there is some really weird stuff that comes up. Not counting the actual company, because of course that exists.


*Thanks, honey!

**Dirndl– wearing trips excluded of course. Munich’s population is well-dressed, if you haven’t been there. Most of the gents appear to have come directly from the shoeshine stand.

7 thoughts on “BV Bros Down

  1. “Pre-dinner beer” is a quit unpleasant term. “Frühschoppen” sounds so life-affirming. 🙂
    “The Lion King” in Hamburg is wonderful especially because of the scenery in the Hamburg harbour.
    But: 10 years ago, we paid for one entrance card more than for two cards five weeks ago for Dornröschen (excellent performance) in the Nürnberg ballet.
    P.S.: Your BV doesn’t need a suit. Lather shoes, black jeans, a jacket and a white or black shirt are adequately.
    P.S.S.: From November, Ryanair flies from Nürnberg to Manchester. A great opportunity to see Shakespeare in English … 😎

    • At least he has a jacket and leather shoes. Isn’t he an engineer? The standard outfit for a German engineer is worn sneakers, incredible check shirt, blue jeans as modest as possible and a stuffy knitted slipover. 🙂
      I wasn’t sure of wearing a bow- tie (nice composite noun) in the opera wasn’t overdressed (because IMHO only some member of the orchestra wearing it), but yes, it is ok.—fliege-in-die-oper-11315.htm
      So, if your BV wear a Fliege, you dating most certainly a respectable nerd 😉
      P.S.: An anthracite skirt is nowadays more hip than a black one.

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