Sunday Snapshots: Gray Mornings


Hochrieshütte, April 2014

Spring of 2014 was unseasonably warm around here. So much so that we were able to head to the mountains for our first hike of the year in the middle of April, something that is almost unheard of! Many of the mountain shelters, especially those at higher altitudes, don’t even open until May, typically around the Pfingsten (Pentecost) holidays.

On this hiking trip we climbed up to the Hochrieshütte, which is located in the Chiemgauer Alps. It’s not too far south of Munich, and offers a beautiful view on clear days to the Chiemsee and the higher Alps to the south. Though the shelter was open for the season, as you can see from the photo, there was definitely still some snow at the top. Going up was relatively okay, but the chilly morning and  icy/misty weather that we woke up to made the decision to take the cable car back down an easy one. It’s nice to be able to take advantage of that, considering that at most mountain shelters it’s not an option!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Gray Mornings

    • Just a little bit. 🙂 The day before was gorgeous though, so the way up was a lot nicer looking. And of course it was lovely again by the time we got down into the valley so there you go.
      There is a Sunday Stammtisch at the Hütte, and we could not believe how many people hiked up to get there by 9am. Hardcore, those mountain dwellers (and their Dachshunds!)

  1. Now skiing season is -except glaciers- over and before summer season begins most mountains are pretty lone; not only in the Alps but also in the Bavarian forest. Yesterday morning, my son and his girlfriend were sledging on the Arber peak. Lifts and lodges were closed (except the Arberhaus near the Arber Lake) and only a few eager outdoorsmen tramped through the snow residues.
    Sledging in the midmorning and biergardening in the sunny afternoon on the banks of the Danube in Regensburg. Isn’t this great?

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