Sunday Snapshots: Deceptively Peaceful?

fachwerk cdg

Franconia, 2014

This picture is of one of my favorite little buildings in our village center. Don’t be fooled though, because even the idyllic-looking villages have their share of the dramz.

Earlier today, BV skipped off to vote in a local election. They are currently debating building a bypass road around our village, as currently many residents of the surrounding villages have to drive right through our town center on their commute to/from the highway to Nürnberg every day. As with every small-town drama, the two sides are viciously waging war on the pros and cons of this bypass and everyone is so entrenched in their positions that a resolution probably will not be found without blood on the ground. Whatever the German version of the Hatfields and McCoys is pretty much what’s going on down here (Müllers und Schmidts? too basic. Bauers und Brandmeiers? yes, let’s go with that).

So that’s what’s going on down here. Though when coming from a small town, it is somewhat comforting to know that some things are universal.


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