Subtle Differences: Impulse Purchases

I daresay the Germany-based readers of this blog are probably tired of hearing/talking about the weather but….

sweet Mary Mother of God why the fuck has it been snowing every day this week?

Seriously. If I wanted to deal with nonsense like SNOW in April, I would have stayed in Wisconsin. Unacceptable.

To add insult to injury, Spring did tease us with a beautiful and warm(ish) few weeks before the weather took a turn towards Crazytown. And that’s when today’s post originated.

On a gorgeous, warm Wednesday about three weeks ago, BV and I decided to take a walk into town to get ourselves a pre-dinner ice cream (adulting!), and visit our kitchen-supply store to see about his mom’s birthday present. While we walked up the street, we both caught a very distinctive whiff of fish coming from near our Rathaus. Odd, as our village is fairly land-locked. Usually you catch a bit of pizza oven from a nearby restaurant, but fish?

We drew closer and could see that a small stand selling smoked fish had set up shop in the parking area. BV was basically already salivating, but I had ice cream on the brain so we didn’t investigate further. Instead we walked on, bought a new raclette grill for his mom, and enjoyed our first visit to the gelato shop for the year. The Marktplatz was already busy with other people pulling up chairs and benches to soak in the sun with their colorful cones, but BV had other things on his mind. Smokey, fishy things.

Walking home, we discussed our various options for dinner, but when we got closer to the Rathaus and the fish stand was still there all bets were off. BV saw the neat rows of Makrele lined up over the grill and dinner was sorted.


Can I get a filet? No? Never?

Now, where I come from, an impulse purchase is a package of gum, or trashy celeb magazines that are strategically placed at the check-out line for this exact reason. NOT A FISH. I found the whole thing very funny.

When we got home the amusement continued. Followers on other social media may have noted an extra furry presence in my posts lately. No, we didn’t get another cat, but we did cat-sit for a friend for two weeks which was pretty fun. Part of that fun was watching BV try to cut up this fishy friend while literally being circled by cats. I tried to capture the moment but the cats were much too excited to hold still for pictures…

Soundtrack: meow. meow. meow.

Soundtrack: meow. meow. meow.

Mia (our visiting cat) was much more interested in sniffing at people food than eating it. We spent a lot of time kicking her off of the table while we were eating, and off the kitchen counters too. On the other hand, Marry usually leaves our food alone but absolutely chowed down on a bit of mackerel when it was offered, and probably would’ve eaten more if BV had let her.

Moral of the story: my German may be immune to the sweet, sweet, call of check-out candy, but his impulse purchases are much smellier. Beware the roaming fish-wagon!


Note: to any fish-phobic readers, sorry about the last few posts. I promise to find something less scaly to write about soon!



11 thoughts on “Subtle Differences: Impulse Purchases

    • It was pretty good, but I did have BV separate some choice pieces for me. American laziness for the win!

      PS~ Since you are studying Portuguese, how do cats meow there? Mia is an import… 😉

  1. I wouldn’t have let him in the house with that thing. He’s a lucky man!
    And I was sitting out in the sunshine at the weekend in Vienna (even got a bit of a tan) and today it fucking snowed in Berlin! GAH!

    • Not an issue here, at least not until 2 days later when I realized he’d put the remains in the garbage can and that was why the cats kept pulling the damn door under the sink open. I had to empty the can and leave it on the balcony another 2 days to get rid of the smell! Ick ick ick.
      Here too, snow every day this week but so far today only hail. Tomorrow it looks like the reasonable temperatures are back, Gott sei Dank.

  2. The weather has been so dismal. But this weekend looks to be a great one. My Norddeutscher will stop for smoked fish anytime. Eel is the favorite. Once had to hold a whole smoked eel wrapped in newspaper with its head sticking out through the streets of Hamburg. I decided to talk to it just to freak people out.

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