Sunday Snapshots: Last May Day

Schloss Linderhof, 2015

Schloss Linderhof, 2015

May 1st is a public holiday here, but since it falls on a Sunday this year, it doesn’t do us any damn good. But considering the fact that in Bavaria there are four public holidays in May and three of them are during the week, I’d say we don’t have too much to complain about!

Last year though, May Day was on a Friday and we took advantage of it. A friend of mine had been wanting to visit Schloss Linderhof, and while it is possible to get there via public transportation,* BV and I thought we’d invite her to join us for a much more direct drive down. As you can see by the umbrellas, the rain deterred no one.

*From Nürnberg in only 4.5(+) hours and via two trains and two buses. King Ludwig was pretty into solitude.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Last May Day

  1. I get four Feiertage in May as well since I work in BW. I don’t think Jan gets Fronleichnam.

    In the UK, the May Day bank holiday is always on the nearest Monday, so they get today off!

    • It really is. All the little outbuildings, too, and the grotto? Ludwig had some imagination… that’s for damn sure. Or at least enough brains to steal Wagner’s imagination. 😉

    • Usually my students say that the weather in August has to be bad, because that’s when the kids in Bavaria have school holidays. But I figure it’s such a crapshoot here anyway that it doesn’t matter. Haha.

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