Sunday Snapshots: Desert Water

Lake Mead, 2013

Lake Mead, 2013

Three years ago at this time, BV and I were on a grand tour of the U.S. Well, a grand tour in that we stopped in three different states. That counts, I think.

After a day of bumming around and beer tasting at the Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, we hopped in my friend Courtney’s car, and she drove us down south so we could check out the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. As an electricity enthusiast, BV was pretty interested in checking out the dam, and really… when you’re standing on the top of that thing, it’s pretty incredible. That also meant that as I was sorting through pictures for the Sunday posts this month, we have about 7236 pictures of electrical towers and lines around the dam. Boys.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Desert Water

  1. In Austria and Switzerland are so many marvellous dams (like the Kölnbreinspeicher, the Gepatsch-Stausee or Grande Dixence) to visit. Combine it with wonderful hiking over the majestic Alps and collect some more thousands of pictures! 🙂

    • That surprises me… what about Vegas? But since you’ve checked off most of the Europe must-dos, it must be time to get going Stateside. Sounds like it’s time to plan a roadtrip…

      • I’ve been to Vegas twice. I’ve actually traveled extensively inside the US also, but there are still places that I haven’t been. I haven’t seen the Hoover Dam. I’ve only seen the Grand Canyon from a passing airplane. I’ve never been to Boston or Philadelphia. And I’ve probably only visited about a third of the states.

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