Sunday Snapshots: Munich in MKE

Milwaukee, 2013

Milwaukee, 2013

When in Munich…. er…. Milwaukee….

I’m pretty sure the first time I told BV that we also had a Hofbräuhaus in Wisconsin, he didn’t believe me. Good thing we were able to clear that up on our visit a few years ago! Even before moving to Europe, I was a big fan of this place -officially known as the Old German Beer Hall- as it was a rare opportunity to get real-deal German beer,  and I have many fond memories of playing Hammerschlagen with friends after a day of tailgating at summer Brewer games. Many good times were had, but if you are playing for shotskis, I recommend playing with people who are not more than a foot taller than you. Physics gets tricky after a few Maß.

Side note: the bar also has a competition every year for one faithful patron to win a trip to Oktoberfest. Basically, who drinks most, wins. The arm you see in the bottom of the photo belongs to the previous year’s winner, and judging from that day, she was well on pace to take the contest again.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Munich in MKE

    • Well it’s really only a few tables out in front on the sidewalk, so probably more of a Wirtsgarten. But that would confuse the Americans too much. Biergarten is much easier to understand, haha.

  1. Hofbräuhaus has a location in Miami Beach. I was quite floored the first time I saw it. The English menus throw me off, though- when I read the food descriptions in English, I don’t know what they’re talking about. Very confusing.

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