A minor side effect of being busier than I’ve been in recent memory was that my 5-year anniversary of being in Germany came and went on June 20th without my realizing it for more than a week. Whoops.

I just went back and read my last anniversary post from the 3-year mark and it bummed me out a bit. I know I took that disastrous interview pretty hard, and was feeling exceptionally shitty about not only my lacking German skills but also the lacking work. While I don’t feel particularly fantastic about my German these days, I know it’s much better than it was two years ago. And while I still don’t see myself teaching English forever, right now I’m busy enough and have enough positive and enthusiastic students that it has made life A LOT more pleasant on that front.

So all in all, I don’t feel too bad that we didn’t mark the occasion in a more festive manner. It was a Monday and I had four classes, ran around town, and then came home to make these absolutely amazing shrimp tacos. We had a nice bottle of wine, watched The Wine Show, and relaxed. And thanks to the aforementioned shrimp tacos and a few other recent recipes, I can say that I have just about converted BV into a cilantro person. If I accomplished nothing else in five years here, at least I did that.


No pictures from the anniversary, but I have taken a LOT of cornflower pictures this summer. Love cornflower blue.

3-year anniversary

1-year anniversary


5 thoughts on “Five.

  1. The German name of fresh Coriander is “Wanzenkraut” (Heteroptera leave) because it smell and taste like this bug. One can imagine that this herb isn’t really welcome in the German cuisine. It was only since the introduction of East Asian cooking that this (fresh) plant can be purchased.
    Congratulations to you on your anniversary!
    Time is running out and the older you are even faster; the half perceived lifespan is approx. in your 25th. 😯
    With (own) childs this speed is doubled. 😡

    • Thanks! I’ve certainly noticed a lot more coriander available at ‘normal’ supermarkets recently, as opposed to just the more exotic food markets. But you are right, it doesn’t normally go in typical German dishes. Can’t imagine a Schäufele with a side of coriander. 😉

  2. Happy five years in Deutschland! I remember your 3 year anniversary post (two whole years ago?? How did that happen???). You definitely sound happier this time round. I’m glad 🙂 You will get there on the German front – like you said, you know you’re already much better.

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