Sunday Snapshots: Cross

London, 2012

London, 2012

Today’s picture comes courtesy of a long weekend away in London. A friend of mine here was eager to visit the city, but wasn’t terribly confident in her (perfectly fine) language skills.* For my part, London was a place that I’d always wanted to visit, and so I was more than happy to go along for the ride. Providing the occasional piece of clarifying information was a small price to pay to spend a few days wandering around a city that I felt like I already knew so well.


*Germans. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Cross

  1. Yes, I agree with you!
    Many Germans speak correct English with good accent!
    Who do you consider best speakers of English in Europe? (ex Ireland, UK, Malta)


    • The best speakers in Europe? That’s a hard one. You get such variety in dialects everywhere, I really couldn’t say that one is better than another. Personally, I love an Irish accent, but I’ve definitely met a few hard-to-understand Irishmen!

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