Sunday Snapshots: Czech Out These Dogs

It’s been a good while since I used the horrible “czech out” pun so, there we go.

Once upon a time, way back in 2009 (I don’t know why I can’t stop rhyming today, sorry), some friends and I went on an adventure to go hiking outside the village of Karlštejn in the Czech Republic.

What we neglected to realize was that we were visiting there on the weekend of the local burčák festival. Germany-dwellers might know burčák better as Federweisser, or a very young wine that can only be drunk for a very short period of time, and is either relatively light, or completely lethal, alcohol-wise.

Long story short, this festival was total mayhem, yes we did hike a little bit, but of course we made our way back into the village to watch the Renn Faire glory and drink all kinds of delicious things. And, as I tend to do, I spotted a few furry friends that were worthy of attention. I love the dog that is basically drawing you into his booth to check out some sweet wigs, almost as much as I love the dog that is just having a grand ol’ time taking himself for a walk.

This was also the same trip where one of our friends touched a plant and had a very similar allergic reaction as Will Smith’s character did in the movie Hitch. Totally irrelevant to the dogs? Yes. Does it still make me laugh every time I think about it? Yes. She was perfectly fine after she got home and took some Benadryl (I’m not totally heartless), but watching all the burčák-drunk Czechs on the train trying to figure out if they were seeing what they thought they were seeing was hilaaaaaarious.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Czech Out These Dogs

  1. Horrible? That pun is my bread and butter. I’m also a fan of, “Are you Hungary?” and “Taiwan to ask you a question.”

    Between the young wine, your friend’s allergies, and the self-walking dogs your trip sounds memorable. I’m going to have to make my way back to the Czech Republic at some point and see Karlštejn. Looks like fun.

    • HA! Your Taiwan pun is a new one to me, but that is amazing.
      It was a pretty good time. If you ever happen to be passing through the CZR in fall, I highly recommend it, but if you have allergies, don’t forget your meds! 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

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