Sunday Snapshots: Perfection

Berchtesgaden, 2012

Berchtesgaden, 2012

Every time I see this picture I question why I am still not living in it. Then I remember that whenever we see real estate ads when we are in the mountains I almost pass out from sticker shock. If my family came (at one point in time, many, many years ago) from the area around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, shouldn’t I just be able to go there and lay claim to some land or something?


11 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Perfection

  1. The Nürnberg metropolitan area isn’t really expensive. The salaries are almost as high as in München or Stuttgart, but the housing costs in general are 30% lower.
    The Bavarian Alps are fantastic costly, not only the Garmisch or Bad Tölz area. The Austrian Alps are “cheaper”, especially in the Southeast. But how can you get real estate in Switzerland without the money like Tina Turner? Here is the answer: 😉

    • True, I know it’s not that bad compared to other cities, but we are still looking at the veeeeeeery low end of the price range. And what is available goes quickly! No German reality TV for me though, BV hates it when I date other people on television. 🙂

  2. You probably can not claim property but maybe have the right for a German passport? If you have very close relatives from Germany and are of German descent, it’s worth looking into, don’t you think?

    • I know… was only joking/wishful thinking. 🙂 I think it is possible for some people but the closest relative for me would be a great-grandparent and we don’t have exact records of when/where they came from. So not much to go on, as far as paperwork would be concerned.

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