Sunday Snapshots: Fall Rolls On

Potsdam, 2012

Sanssouci, Potsdam, 2012

I just looked at the weather forecast for the next week, and it looks like rain nearly every day. *Sigh*

That makes me extremely happy to be able to go back through pictures like this one, which was taken on a gorgeously fading fall afternoon, as BV and I wandered the sprawling grounds of the Sanssouci palace, not far from Berlin. Whatever you may think about royalty (past or present), those people knew how to do a garden. Like many other palaces, Sanssouci was mostly for pleasure, which means endless pathways, fountains galore, oddly ornate little outbuildings, and tree-lined allées. And swans. Don’t forget the swans.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Fall Rolls On

  1. Ooh, this is such a lovely photo!

    It’s been raining all weekend here and rain is forecast for the entire week as well, and possibly sleet on Wednesday afternoon! Next Monday may be cloudy with sunny spells… if the forecasters haven’t changed their mind by then.

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