2016 (Somewhat) Recapped


Since January is nearly over, I think it’s safe to say that once again I am late to the year-end party.  For the last three years, I’ve done a recap post that covered the year’s events, some of which I blogged about but a lot of which I didn’t.

This year is an abridged version because 2016 for me was quite a mixed bag. I am very glad that I decided to start the ‘Sunday Snapshots’ series, because most months that was all the blog posting that I did. While a lot went wrong in the year around the world (hello, American dumpster fire and RIP Alan Rickman, amongst others), it was a busily and yet not that busy year for me.

Work-wise, 2016 was pretty great. People actually seemed to want English lessons and for the first time in a few years, I made money. But going from working one or two days a week to five days a week was a huge change of pace and I’m not sure I handled it in the most organized fashion. Being more on top of things is a big goal for this year, as it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon.*

When it came to travel, the picture above comes in handy. Every single picture in my Instagram “best nine” this year was taken in Germany. The last picture does show the path along the German/Austria border though, so technically there ARE two countries represented. I did get to the Czech Republic twice, but most things this year were pretty German-centric. BV and I didn’t get a big vacation this year until we left for our U.S./Ireland trip on December 18th.

In our defense though, there was a good reason for that and it was a big highlight of the year in this house. I mentioned on here a few times that BV was in the process of getting his Master’s degree, and he did finish in August. Successfully, thank goodness! Understandably, while he was working on his thesis and I was working flat out we didn’t have time for a big trip. He finished at the very end of August, which combined with my work schedule, meant that the holiday time was pretty much shot for the year. But in 2017, we fully intend on making up for it. I daresay we’re all going to need some fun distractions to come in the year ahead.

To those who still continue to check in with my incredibly random posts… thanks so much for reading. I hope everyone out there in Internet-land is looking forward to the year ahead, I know I am.  🙂

*Knock on wood or press your thumbs for me… your choice which one.

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