Sunday Snapshots: A Reminder

St. Barbara’s Church, Kutná Hora, 2009

Kutná Hora is probably best known among tourists as home to the so-called “bone church,” which while decidedly macabre, wasn’t my cup of tea. St. Barbara’s, on the other hand, was as majestic from a distance as it was inside. There were a few visitors, sure, but no lines, no crowding, just arching ceiling above, medieval frescoes peering down at you, and warm spring light pouring through the windows. If you come to Kutná Hora for the bone church, stay for St. Barbara’s, and this church of frosted cupcake.

Speaking of sun, the days are getting longer and warmer, which hopefully means that summer is just around the corner. Soon most European cities will be teeming with tourists, buses, “theft-proof” wallet necklaces, and the bane of the 21st century, selfie sticks.

This picture can hopefully serve as a friendly reminder that one of my favorite parts of living here is that one can almost always turn a corner and find themselves very nearly alone. I’ll try to remember it myself when I’m fighting my way through boat people in at the farmer’s market in Nürnberg’s Hauptmarkt in a week or two…


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