31-Day Challenge: Day 8

“Hey, if you’re going into Spare ‘Oom, can you grab my sketchbook out of the arts and crafts box?”

Sure, but what is it?”

“It’s a book that you sketch in? A sketchbook…”

“Okay, and what does it look like?”

“It looks like a notebook, spiral binding, white paper, full of drawings?”

BV returns to living room

“This thing?”


“And why don’t you call it a drawing book?”

“Because it’s not called a drawing book. It’s called a sketchbook. As in, a book that one draws quickly, or sketches.”

“Alright, I’m going to go make more spreadsheets. You too.”

I will fully admit that my explanations on what exactly I meant by sketchbook were not particularly descriptive at the beginning of tonight’s exchange, but these things happen when you live with a non-native English speaker and this teacher is off the clock.

While we have been trying to speak more German around the house, I will fully admit that if we had tried to have had that conversation in German, I may have gotten half the bookshelf in the office before we got to the sketchbook I actually wanted. Or just huffed and puffed and gotten up to get it myself.

In my defense, I was deep into a Google search of a few things that we had been talking about after-dinner, regarding vacation plans and when I’m juggling tabs, listening to anything else becomes a challenge. While though the internet is a wonderful and useful tool, for me it has major limitations. Mostly it limits my concentration abilities and memory of what I was doing 30 seconds beforehand.

In fact, the reason I sent BV on the quest for the sketchbook is that today I decided it was time to brush off my trip-planning and map-making skills. When the internet makes me nutty, I turn to paper. I don’t love to plan every day down to the minute, but I am definitely a visual thinker and need a way to lay out all the possibilities. I have done this before with various online maps, but I always end up clicking in the wrong place and throwing the whole thing into disarray and making myself crazy. Plus then I get all cussy and the cats don’t like that much.

Instead, I’m going to take the approach I used when we planned out the Cinque Terre trip in 2015. Map out some routes on paper, and then compare and contrast. We’re working on a much larger scale this time around, but I really need a general idea on paper to wrap my head around it all. Here’s hoping that works out as well this time as it did then!


Editor’s Note: This is part of a 31-day challenge series for the month of May, in which I aim to spend at least 15 minutes writing about whatever strikes my fancy. Results may vary.


2 thoughts on “31-Day Challenge: Day 8

  1. We are planning a trip to Britain. I wrote everything down in my notebook, complete with distances/driving times taken from Google maps and number of nights we will stay in each place. Jan then put all my places into Google Earth. It seems to work for us 😉

    • I’ve tried the google thing before but once I start getting too complicated it always makes me crazy! Drawing it out on paper and writing things down is much more my style. (But if you want to send Jan over to make sense of my scribbles, that’s fine… BV just lets me do my thing!)

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