31-Day Challenge: Day 16

I’m sitting under a giant saw. 

It’s probably five feet long, but would feel much more ominous if there weren’t a large decorative heart hanging right underneath it. 

The rest of the room follows the Alpine motif… hearts on the light fixtures and pillows, a tree trunk as a TV stand, and a painting of the town on the wall. 

There’s a double door to the right of the bed. The shutters are down, but I think in the morning we should be able to walk right out into the garden with our coffee. 

We arrived much later than we expected, due an unbeknownst plan (to me) to avoid the tollway across Austria. This meant that we were treated to some fairly spectacular Alpenglow there as the sun went down, but we arrived in darkness and the valley will be hidden until we wake up. 

The only noise at the moment comes from the TV. I did a little channel-surfing earlier and the only person I recognized amid the mix of stations in German and Italian was Tom Hanks, so I stopped there. 

I wasn’t sure at first what movie it was, but one dramatic plane crash later I figured it out. I don’t recall ever seeing Castaway before, but now all I hear is Tom Hanks talking to himself in dubbed German. Luckily, this part of the movie is fairly light on the dialogue. 

BV is now bustling around unpacking, and soon it will be time to crash. It’ll be morning soon and the mountains await. 


Editor’s Note: this is part of a 31-day challenge series, in which I spend at least 15 minutes a day writing about whatever strikes my fancy. Results may vary. 


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