31-Day Challenge: Day 21

We’re packing up to leave and while neither of us are happy about it, we did just come back from getting ice cream. Also, we stopped to pet a very sweet foal on the way. That helped ease the pain a bit.

The first time we stayed here, our host offered us to stay another night for free, which we happily took her up on. This time it’s not possible as we both have to work tomorrow, but she said we could stay as long as we were able. On the last day of any vacation, that’s about the greatest gift there is.

Since BV and I have gotten together, we’ve only occasionally stayed in hotels, instead going for holiday apartments (very German), or Airbnb (German holiday apartments for hipsters). Our experiences have been overwhelmingly good, so I see no need for hotels. Anyplace that doesn’t let you check in until 3pm and throws you out before noon is not for me. The fact that you don’t even get 24 hours most places is ridiculous.

To be fair, one of the “less good” Airbnb experiences we had was also in Italy. Online it said that the check out time was flexible, and the host’s friend didn’t say anything different when he met us. He didn’t say much, in fact, besides “here it is, bye.”

Then at nine o’clock the next morning, we had cleaning ladies knocking down the door.

At nine o’clock this morning I also heard movement on our terrace. Peeking outside, I saw that one of our chairs had been moved so that it was sitting in front of the kitchen door.


I went into the kitchen to get a closer look and what did I see? A plate with two fresh, homemade donuts on the chair. The door was closed over to deter cats and birds from our treats.

Breakfast delivery plus a thoroughly relaxed morning, makes the thought of returning to the real world more palatable. But maybe I should go back and pet that little horse again, just to make sure.


Editor’s Note: This is part of a 31-day challenge series for the month of May, in which I aim to spend at least 15 minutes writing about whatever strikes my fancy. Results may vary.


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