31-Day Challenge: Day 23

Today was my first real day back to work. My last class yesterday ended up cancelling, which I expected, but that meant there was no easing back into the week. Perhaps it’s better in the end though, as this week is shortened anyway due to Thursday’s holiday. I think I work Friday morning, but I haven’t had confirmation yet so we shall see.

A full day of class today was almost enough to knock me out of commission, but since the weather was sunny and warm, the beer garden in the next village beckoned. We’re fairly regular visitors over there and on warm summery days, there’s not much better.

There was the usual village traffic on our walk over, from little girls on rollerblades to dogs leaping through the grass. This time of year I usually see enough cats wandering around in the evening that I start to get suspicious that they’re organizing something. The beer garden is on the “main road” in the village, but the vast majority of the traffic is from the tractors as they run in and out of town to the fields and back. My favorites are the old men who take the grandkids with them, the little ones hanging off and around the driver’s seat. There’s also a guy who often travels with his dog in the cab. He appears to be secured with a leash, but it’s hard to tell. No leashes on the kids, as far as I can see.

The beer garden is attached to a small country hotel, and there are always a few dogs  on the terrace as well. Those typically belong to the visitors, but there are usually a few cats wandering about that belong to the hotel. On warm summer days, you have to look before sitting down as often a cat will have curled up on the chair cushions.

In between the tractors rumbling past, there are often people whizzing by on race bikes, or the local beer truck making deliveries from the drink market. There are a fair few regulars that we see there as well, including the waitstaff.

Even if it’s the same place, it’s always nice to go there and see the changing flowers in the window boxes, and to track the progress of the enormous chestnut tree that pokes up through the middle of the terrace. This time of year, it drops light pink flowers on your head, and it’s necessary to put the beer coaster on top of the glass to prevent bees as well as flowers from falling in. The air above hums the whole time from the number of bees in the tree and flying around town. Across the street the first posters have appeared for the surrounding villages upcoming Kirchweihen, and if that’s not a sure sign of summer, I don’t know what is.


Editor’s Note: This is part of a 31-day challenge series for the month of May, in which I aim to spend at least 15 minutes writing about whatever strikes my fancy. Results may vary.


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