Sunday Snapshots: Sound Check

Nürnberg, 2012

Thanks to the glory of Facebook, I’ve been reminded a few times this week of what I was doing five years ago at this time. Thus, today’s picture choice.

Five years ago, I was running all over town with my friend Courtney, while we shot an episode of House Hunters International. I still find it funny, and whatever your opinion on the honesty of the show is, I had a jolly good time doing it. It was definitely an experience to have, and I’m happy that I got to take part. For example, I now know that if you wear dangly earrings on TV, some poor sound guy may have to painstakingly put gaffer’s tape on the backs of them to keep them from rattling around and messing up the audio. Which is exactly what you see happening here. Note: not my earrings… way to go, Courtney. 🙂


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