Sunday Snapshots: Festivity!

Wisconsin, 2016

This is what happens when your friend and her fiancé figure, “hey, everyone will be in town for the holidays anyway, let’s get married right before Christmas!”

Which is exactly what they did. Winter weddings can be so pretty, and done for a dime if a venue is already decorated to the nines like theirs was. Major wedding hack right there. Then just get all the aunties to supply the Christmas cookie bar and it’s off to the races! Win win win. 🙂


One thought on “Sunday Snapshots: Festivity!

  1. Now that is a good idea, and one I actually did back when I married the first time. The church was decorated for Christmas, we showed up on December 19th said I do and then had the church ladies do coffee, tea champagne and Christmas treats! I did wear white (heck I was 17!) and my bridesmaids wore red and green. Great Christmas wedding.
    The marriage lasted 11 years.
    Hubby #2 and I married in the Spring, and that was so much nicer and we did it right. Nice church wedding (cream gown) and lovely buffet lunch.
    Almost 30 years now and going strong!

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