Sunday Snapshots: Spots of Color

Franconia, 2018

The last gasp (we hear) of summer meant that our friendly local Herbstmarkt was even more packed today than it was last year. I didn’t even make it to the garden, as I was distracted by my futile search for Federweisser. The season is short, gotta find some while I can.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Spots of Color

  1. Red, white, or rosé?
    I love them all, but was surprised how much I liked the rosé, in particular, since it’s my last choice of w(h)ine. Speaking of which, Kulinarische Weinwanderung Freinsheim 2020. You’d dig it the most.

    • We’d definitely be interested, if you were willing to share your super-secret tips for getting a decent spot? Clearly we already missed the boat on doing it a year in advance but 10 months seems not THAT late haha.

      • I guess it depends on how far away you’re willing to stay from the action.
        Our first time: stayed in Heidelberg with pals, and the four of us took the S-Bahn in and out the same day.

        Subsequent times: we’ve stayed in little towns of varying distance away. Sometimes close enough to walk (beware that the walk back is more grueling than the way there), or taxi. Sometimes further away, but easily reachable via train. And since the whole shebang starts at the Freinsheim Bf, that’s a smart move. I’m happy to provide the names of the towns/FeWo’n we’ve used if you like them. Just say the word. For 2020, we have a deposit on a joint IN FREINSHEIM. Got that rolling two days after the 2019 event ended.

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