Sunday Snapshots: Looks Familiar

Franconia, 2016

I do love living out here, where I can watch the forest change season to season.

Sunday Snapshots: Wall Art

Berlin, 2012

On another very gray November day, we spent our time wandering all over Berlin. BV hadn’t been to the city since he was a kid, and my old Prague roomie made an excellent tour guide. I don’t think living in the capital is for me, but it’s good to know that with the new(ish) high-speed ICE connection, it’s a fast option for a weekend away.

Sunday Snapshots: Away from the Lake

Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg 2012

Though most people visit for the very lovely lake, it turns out that all you have to do is turn around for a very different (and still lovely) view. I also can’t believe that this was seven years ago… ahhh, young BV and Heather on their first trip away together. So young. Less bearded (mostly him).

Sunday Snapshots: Make a Wish

Leipzig, 2018

Thanks to a twitter thread that got out of hand last year, we found ourselves in Leipzig for a weekend to meet up with a whole pile of cool folks for an evening. Having never been to the city before, we thoroughly enjoyed our day of wandering beforehand. I was shocked at the amount of green right in the middle of the city, and this Wunschbaum, or wish tree, was an even more colorful sighting.