Sunday Snapshots: Rooftop Views

London, 2012

This almost makes me regret not climbing the steps at St. Paul’s again when we were in London this year. Good thing the view from the Shard was pretty damn good too… and the elevator was much easier too. 😉

Sunday Snapshots: Beach Envy

Greece, 2012

It’s been pretty quiet around here these days. Everyone has been hiding from the crazy heat, or escaping to their summer vacations. I can’t lie, I’ve had a fair amount of envy as I’ve scrolled through the ol’ Instagram, but at least we’re heading south for a few days this week. It won’t be Greece (in fact, I don’t know exactly where we’re going), but hopefully it’ll satisfy some of my summer FOMO.

Sunday Snapshots: In Search of Sun

Tuscany, 2012

After all the excitement of the holidays, who wouldn’t want to escape to this Tuscan hillside? Especially after a doozy of a year like 2017 has been, going off-grid seems necessary. I may have to talk BV into an extra-long weekend here… we could both stand to unplug for a few days. In fact, that was part of our plan for this New Year’s, but sadly it wasn’t to be. Hopefully we can get back sometime soon though… I miss those rolling hills.

Here’s to a calmer 2018… and thanks again for reading along this year!

Sunday Snapshots: Sound Check

Nürnberg, 2012

Thanks to the glory of Facebook, I’ve been reminded a few times this week of what I was doing five years ago at this time. Thus, today’s picture choice.

Five years ago, I was running all over town with my friend Courtney, while we shot an episode of House Hunters International. I still find it funny, and whatever your opinion on the honesty of the show is, I had a jolly good time doing it. It was definitely an experience to have, and I’m happy that I got to take part. For example, I now know that if you wear dangly earrings on TV, some poor sound guy may have to painstakingly put gaffer’s tape on the backs of them to keep them from rattling around and messing up the audio. Which is exactly what you see happening here. Note: not my earrings… way to go, Courtney. 🙂