Sunday Snapshots: More Market Color

Salzburg, 2014

I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes people think we need a million more varieties of artisanal soap than we buy at any other time of the year, but here we are. They do add nice pops of color to the stands though.


Sunday Snapshots: Smoke Lines

Franconian Switzerland, 2014

I don’t know how long it’s been since we took a weekend drive out to the Franconian Switzerland. There hasn’t been much time for it this year, but it’s always a good choice for a day when we don’t really know what else to do with ourselves.

Sunday Snapshots: More Fest

Nürnberg, 2014

Nürnberg, 2014

If Oktoberfest seems more chaotic or rowdy than your taste, consider coming to the fair city of Nürnberg this month. From the 14th until the 25th of September, the Altstadtfest will be taking place, primarily on the Insel Schütt right in the center of town. There you can find all sorts of delicious brews from around Franconia, as well as some traditional cuisine. A word of warning… the menus do tend to be written in Franconian dialect, so if you don’t know what something is, ask the waiter or a neighbor! I once wound up with jellied meat, so… yeah, it can be dangerous. After you’re all fueled up, head to the Hauptmarkt, where you’re find the fall market for all your random kitchen appliance and basket needs. Oh, and more beer and sausage, of course.

Want more info on the Altstadtfest? Course you do!

Altstadtfest Nürnberg (site only in German)