Sunday Snapshots: Fur Helps

Oberpfalz, Germany 2016

There’s a dusting of snow and frost on the ground here, but it hardly compares to this lovely, snowy morning at the home of our Village friends. The good news is that the sun is shining today, which makes the biting cold at least a little bit friendlier.


Sunday Snapshots: Hills on Hills

Ireland, 2016

On this day two years ago we visited the Hill of Tara, once the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. The little hills and ridges are the remains of ancient earthen structures, and it feels like the sort of place where you shouldn’t be allowed to tramp all over it… but you are. The 360 degree views of the surrounding Irish countryside are spectacular, even on a gray and windy late-December day like we had. We don’t often take bus tours (as evidenced by this post), but we did on this occasion and it was worth it for the color commentary of our fellow travelers alone. Maybe that’s a story for another day…

Sunday Snapshots: Sunlit Snow

Reit im Winkl, Bavaria 2016

We’re planning on driving south next weekend to get our fix of mountains, snow, and snowshoes. Since we waited to go until March in 2017, we found less snow and more mud, but we tried to make at least a few hikes out of it. Though we still had a good time, I’m hoping this year’s trip looks less wet, and more like this…

Sunday Snapshots: Swans Up

Bad Windsheim, Mittelfranken 2016

I used to take a veeeery long train ride out to the small town of Bad Windsheim to teach. The classes were nice, but the train ride was brutal. The silver lining was always being able to take the long stroll back to the train station on the sunny days, admiring all of the Fachwerk houses, and other unique details that make this town just a little bit special.

Sunday Snapshots: Festivity!

Wisconsin, 2016

This is what happens when your friend and her fiancé figure, “hey, everyone will be in town for the holidays anyway, let’s get married right before Christmas!”

Which is exactly what they did. Winter weddings can be so pretty, and done for a dime if a venue is already decorated to the nines like theirs was. Major wedding hack right there. Then just get all the aunties to supply the Christmas cookie bar and it’s off to the races! Win win win. 🙂

Sunday Snapshots: Who Said More Cookies?

Franconia, 2016

Way back in 2011, VillageGal and I began a tradition of baking Christmas cookies together. Back then their daughter was but a tiny mouse, and we were highly unscientific bakers. Six years later, they’ve moved, added another little lady to the mix, and I’ve brought BV to the party. We are still highly unscientific bakers though, so not everything has changed.

Now that the girls are a bit older, they’ve graduated from napping while we decorate to taking full part in the whole cookie-baking process. The cookies pictured about may not fit the traditional Christmas aesthetic (pink butterflies? Sure, why not?) but they are Kinder-approved.