Photo an Hour: A Lazy Lockdown Saturday

I always mean to do these things but usually miss them. So yesterday morning when I looked at twitter and saw Bev post a photo around 10am, I went, “hey, why not today?”

True to form though, I started a few minutes later and pretty much continued that way all day. It was a very cold and foggy day here in Franconia, and neither a walk nor a trip to the supermarket sounded terribly appealing, so it was a pretty quiet day at home.

Just after 10 and I was drinking tea in bed. Tea or coffee in bed and the New York Times crossword is my standard weekend start mode these days. At 11, I was up (briefly) for a tea refill and to check in on Marry while she supervised bird activity out the front window.

12pm and time for some yoga. My arm looks incredibly weird here, but slightly less awkward than trying to take a picture while actually doing the yoga? Finished with yoga, I was forced to take a breakfast break and catch up on my habit chart in the ol’ bullet journal because BV snaked my shower slot around 1pm.

Finally showered at 2, and got “ready” for the day. Though if you’re not really going anywhere, what are you really ready for? Anyway. I recently got this new facial cream with some points I’d saved up. It’s a bit thicker than what I’m used to, so I don’t think I’ll be using it every day but I think it’ll be great this winter when it gets so dry in here. 3pm and it was off to the kitchen to do some dishes (what else?) and refresh my sourdough starter.

Dishes finished, I was off to the living room at 4pm to figure out how to mess up the kitchen again. We had a few late zucchini from the garden that were starting to get weird, which meant I had the chance to test out a new recipe from Flavour. Marry was unimpressed as usual. My 5pm photo was even later than the others because I spent a good 30 minutes struggling to get the fire lit. I suspect the kid who delivers our adverts on the weekends (aka a giant pile of fire-starting paper) has been skipping our house. So lately it’s been a lot of struggling to get it going with strictly the pressed wood and cardboard. And ca. 52 matches per attempt.

Dinner prep/kitchen destruction underway at 6pm. Though all things considered, this recipe was pretty easy on the dish front. One cutting board, one knife, a wooden spoon, one pan, a bowl and spoon for the sauce. Plus, the simple sautéed zucchini with a harissa sauce was very tasty.

Possibly too tasty as I was too busy eating and watching a movie to catch the 7 or 8pm photos. We watched ‘Die Kleine Hexe,’ which is a classic children’s book, and had been one of BV’s favorites. I didn’t know the story, but thought it was a cute movie.

After the movie, BV retreated back to the office to continue cleaning and sorting. He’s still in the process of changing his name on everything/trying to figure out what he’s missed so far. I was still in the living room at 9, watching more nonsense on Netflix and continuing to work on this ridiculous cat coloring book that my sister brought me from Korea a few years ago.

10pm was time for an evening cup of after-dinner tea while Marry enjoyed her fire which had finally gotten the room heated up. At 11 I was contemplating going to bed, but got distracted flipping through the latest issue of Panorama, the German Alpine Club magazine. This article about a hiking trail that goes all the way across Slovenia especially caught my eye. We were there in September and I already can’t wait to get back!

I finally headed for bed around 12, but got slightly distracted for a few minutes trying to figure out if I remembered what was happening when I left off reading this book on our vacation. Nope, no clue, so I will be starting this one over. And that was it for a very quiet and cold November Saturday. The kitchen is already a mess again though, go figure.


Sunday in Pictures

Yesterday was a fairly typical Sunday around here, so I thought I’d share a few pictures.

First off… these red things are all over around our house at the moment. Clean shoes beware!

sunday pics1In the afternoon, we were off to BV’s dad to have a little Sunday lunch. And by “little,” I mean absolutely enormous Schäufele for the guys, and two steaks for me. For some reason, no matter how many times I only manage one steak, two always show up on my plate. No pictures of food today though, instead I thought people may enjoy seeing what stares at us while we eat….

Yes, one is a Wolpertinger. Beware.

Yes, one is a Wolpertinger. Beware.

After they had all stuffed themselves silly with pork, BV and I returned home and decided to try to walk some of it off before the Packer game. We went my usual route around the village and it was a truly gorgeous evening.

sunday pics13

We also made a quick stop at the cut-your-own flowers-and-grab-a-pumpkin stand to see if there were any spaghetti squash, but they were all out. I was a little sad to see how many gladiolas hadn’t gotten picked this year, because they are one of my favorite flowers. They still had great color… I’ll have to go by more often next year to get some.

sunday pics17The sky started to get dark, but it was still lovely.

We got into the village, and took a moment to stop and appreciate one of the fabulous gardens. They redecorate this well often, and the whole area around it is an absolute riot of color. Flowers, garden statuary, lights, they’ve got it all. The downside is that the windows of the house are right there, so I always feel like a creeper when I try to take pictures. Hence the blurriness.

sunday pics18We made a quick stop at the local restaurant for a beer (since we had worked off at least some of the enormous lunch), and after that we headed home for the Packer game. Marry die Katze was a bit out-of-sorts with us for leaving her alone all day, and here she is… doing her best to distract me from Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the crew.

sunday pics19


That was my Sunday… how was yours?

One last shot… Ok, more than one.

Today it was sunny for the first time since Thursday. The sky the last two days has been that low, flat, light gray sky that lets you know that snow is on the way. I was pretty sure that if it had been about ten degrees colder, we definitely would have had some flakes falling. But when I woke up this morning and saw blue sky, I realized I should probably take what might be a last opportunity to get some “fall” pictures. 

Maybe I’m weird, but I feel like Nürnberg is a city for autumn. Something about the way the gold, brown, orange and red leaves perfectly complement the soft red-brown stone that many of the Altstadt buildings are made from is just beautiful. Despite the falling temperatures it still feels warm. 

Prague, on the other hand, was a city for spring. When spring hits, beautiful flower beds appear all around the city, people start wearing color again, and most importantly, you might see someone crack a smile on the tram. Rain washes away the sand and stones that covered snowy sidewalks all winter, and the city bursts into bloom. Petřín Hill is covered in flowering fruit trees, and it’s the perfect place to sit with a few friends and a few drinks on a weekend afternoon. There is color everywhere and it perfectly complements the mix of pinks, oranges, greens and every other shade on buildings in the old parts of the city. If you’re planning a trip to Prague, spring is the best time to go, hands down. If you don’t believe me, here are some photos from mid-April last year….

These were all taken during one of the traditional Sunday Wanderings I used to do with my friend Katie. Petřín and the Wallenstein gardens are gorgeous on a sunny spring day. I miss Prague, I do. But I have to remember that most of the things and people that made it so fantastic for me are no longer there. Even if I believed in regrets, I wouldn’t regret the decisions that I made this year.

Which brings us to Nürnberg. Like I said, I feel like it’s perfect for fall. I was a little worried the last few days that I had really missed my window for pictures, but considering I had the Most Beautiful Autumn Weekend in the Country Ever a few weeks ago, I didn’t think it was a good idea to complain. But then lo and behold, the sun was shining this morning and I could get out for some pictures before the Christmas decorations completely engulf the city. I think last week would have been better, but that ship has sailed. This week it is. So here you go… Herbst in Nürnberg.

How German is this??