Sunday Snapshots: Also Not Today

Franconia, 2018

Though Marry did venture onto the balcony briefly today, the pouring rain had her begging to come back in before too long. And the forecast for next week calls for snow… uhoh.


Sunday Snapshots: It’s Hoppening

Franconia, 2017

Not so much this year, sadly. This was September 3rd last year, and I cannot say that our garden hops look anywhere near as good right now. The long, hot summer has been absolutely epic on the fruit front… we’ve had piles of pears and apples already, and the markets are overflowing with plums at the moment. Even the Federweisser, or new wine, has had an extremely early harvest in some places.

But here in our garden, our hops looks much smaller than in this picture. They’ve perked up a bit with the last few rainy days but it’s not nearly as full and lush as this time last year. We don’t use it, so… no major loss for us. Here’s hoping the hop farmers down south have been vigilant about the watering… if not, we may have to stock up on beer while we still can.