Tuscan News and Views

Not really that new though, since it really feels like I’ve been sitting on this one for a hot minute. Or nearly two months.

Jan. 1. Every year should start with views like this.

Our Tuscany trip was memorable in a lot of ways. We ate well, we drank well, we saw beautiful sights and soaked up lots and lots of much-needed vitamin D over the ten days.

Sun and city trips in Cortona.

But there was something else as well. On New Year’s Eve afternoon, we went for a rambling hike around and over the hill behind Santa Lucia. Towards the end of the hike, we found a nice place to sit and relax for a bit on a sandy hill with a nice view. After awhile the wind got a bit chilly, but before BV would let us head back down the hill home, he had another thing on the agenda. A small change of scenery…

Yep… after seven years together, it’s time we make this thing official. What that will look like though, I have no idea. And when and where is still very much to be determined. We were thinking sometime this fall, but we’re learning that as two very poor planners, we don’t have much time to act if we really want to make that happen. Next year would not be the end of the world, but we also don’t really want to wait that long! It took two months just to see most of the friends and family here to tell them the news,* so now we’re ready to get this show on the road.

So to add a bit of explanation for anyone who may have been confused about why in the world we embarked on that ridiculous train trip last weekend, it’s because we wanted to check out some venues. The cats and Kaiserschmarren were just a most excellent bonus. More on that later.

Though looking back on photos for this post, maybe we should just scrap all the ideas we’ve had thus far and go back to Tuscany to get married. Decisions, decisions… and planning… not either of our strong suits.

The good news is that neither of us have any interest in a big, fluffy wedding with all of the trimmings; nor do I have any interest in chronicling the entire planning process here. There are plenty of mediocre wedding planning blogs out there for that.

The bad news is that all it takes is some basic wedding-related googling to turn your suggested pages into a scary, scary place. My Pinterest home page, previously full of recipes, has now got lots of wedding to-do lists, suggestions for bridesmaid gifts, and assorted ‘shedding for the wedding’ type content. *insert vomit emoji here* If that stuff takes over my brain, it’s possible in six months I’ll be waxing poetic about cupcake dresses and shopping for tiaras.

But for both our sakes, I’ll try to keep it sane. If BV develops a strong opinion on bow ties though, I’m in trouble.

A special occasion calls for a rare BV facial appearance on the blog!





*hence this post coming two months after the fact!


Sunday Snapshots: Fog In, Fog Out

Cinque Terre, Italy 2015

This reminds me of the fact that I never actually finished writing about all the things we did in Cinque Terre, and since that was four years ago… think I have to let that one go. Suffice to say, even the parts that I didn’t post about were also gorgeous and skies were crazy and buildings were sun-kissed and and and… *sigh* Italy.

Sunday Snapshots: La Verna in the Mist

Tuscany, 2013

Tuscany, 2013

If one is going to visit the La Verna Sanctuary, might I recommend not doing it on a hot summers day? Instead, go in January. But only if it’s misty, mysterious, and if you have proper time to wander through the forest and around the buildings, wondering if the monks get the same eerie feeling that you do.

Sunday Snapshots: Waterfront

Lake Garda, 2015

Considering that we just got through the Pentecost holidays, I’m guessing I’ve heard about Lake Garda somewhere between one and 10,000 times in the last month. It’s an extremely popular destination for Bavarians since you can get there in less than five hours. While I would’ve loved to get there again this year, I’m consoling myself with the thought that we leave for our summer vacation in a few days…

Sunday Snapshots: Lights

Lake Garda, 2015

Lake Garda, 2015

You know what I miss? Italy. Was that not obvious?

Slowly walking along the edge of Lake Garda after a fantastic dinner, searching for a still-open gelateria, finding that PLUS finding a outdoor bar/cafe with a live band playing blues rock*…. Oh my goodness. So wonderful.

*In my opinion, finding anyplace with live music that involves zero DJs is cause for excitement.

Sunday Snapshots: Roman Layers and Lines


The forecast for the next few days in Germany looks snowier than our entire winter put together, so I thought it would be appropriate to see a bit more sun. My visit to Rome was pretty action-packed, and even in February it was warm enough to enjoy walking the city without a winter jacket. The bundled-up Romans might have disagreed with me, but coming from Germany it felt like a tropical vacation!

Weather aside, I love this photo because it represents so much of what I felt about Rome. It’s old, it’s new, it’s layers upon layers of history and thousands of stories. The people-watching is a sport unto itself, and you can hardly turn a corner without seeing something interesting. Or a cat. There are cats everywhere. And really, isn’t that what we all want?

Sunday Snapshots: Tuscan Streets

In an effort to share more of the many, many, many photos I take everywhere I go, this year I’ll be joining many other bloggers in sharing one picture every Sunday. Many people do a ‘Silent Sunday’ post, but since I have the inability to not write at least some sort of context, I won’t do that. I’ll try to keep it short though. After all, it’s Sunday in Germany and I shouldn’t be working anyway. 😉

Tuscan streets.

Tuscan streets.

Today’s photo was taken three years ago today* after a long walk over the Pratamagno. Unsuccessful in our quest for an open restaurant, we stopped in a random village to find streets empty save for their Christmas lights. Don’t worry though, we managed to buy a feast of Italian bread, meats, and cheeses to tide us over until dinner time.


*I’m also going to try to do photos taken in the same month and on the same day, if possible. Because I enjoy making simple things more difficult.