Sunday Snapshots: Ch-ch-changes…

Prague, 2017

BV and I were searching for a beer on the Malá Strana side of the river last year in Prague, when we stumbled upon this place. Just at the Újezd tram stop, and down through a passage that had been home to a produce market (with extras, like most Praha produce markets), was now a huge courtyard beer garden. I don’t know how long it had been open at this point, but it was nearly empty. That seemed rather odd, given the size, and given the fact that the menu was full of unusual beers*, but maybe the kids were all hanging out somewhere else that day? If you’re in Prague, check it out and let me know what’s going on…

*Unusual to us, anyway. The market has expanded a TON since I was there and we were all Gambrinus, all the time.


Sunday Snapshots: Light Painting

Prague, 2016

I’m definitely one of those people who enjoys a good bit of lens flare, even if does obscure one of my favorite views in the world. This little square was always a good one to wander through on a rambling spring walk in Praha.

Sunday Snapshots: Praha in Spring

Prague, 2009

April 2nd, 2009, lives in my mind as an Epic Prague Day. Friends from our TEFL course had passed around Europe and returned to Prague before flying back to the U.S., and so we took the chance to make the most of our time left together.  That meant doing one of the boat tours on the Vltava, feasting our way through the Easter market, buying beers to take on the spider bike, and convincing our spider bike driver to take us on an extended off-tour excursion as his punishment for picking us up late.

Then it was more wandering around the city, including this walk through the park filled with young and old (and a couple taking their cat for a walk); while we soaked up the Czech sunshine, eventually finding our way to a cozy pub that didn’t mind indulging some silly Americans, flush with sentimentality for the end of our time together for the evening. I miss those crazy kids.

Sunday Snapshots: A Little Light

Prague, 2016

Nearly six years ago when I left Prague, the main station was still very much a work in progress. Its Art Nouveau interior still shone through a layer of grime that was slowly being scrubbed away, along with numerous other renovation projects. Now when you hop off the Deutsche Bahn express bus that runs between Nürnberg and Praha, you enter a pristine dome that absolutely sparkles. If you’re lucky enough to land on a sunny day, take a few minutes and pause to enjoy the view!

Sunday Snapshots: Eight

Prague, 2009

Prague, 2009

Today marks eight years in Europe for me.

Coming off of a visit to the States for Christmas where it seemed in many way like I could just pick up with people where we left, rather than not having contact in (in some cases) years since my last visits, it seems strange. But here we are.

I was thinking about ports in storms after my last photo post, and that’s almost what today’s picture represents. On one of our first weekends in Prague, a group of us went hunting for English books and eventually found this branch of the Shakespeare & Sons bookstore. It seems almost every large European city with an extensive English-speaking population boasts a version of this store, but Prague has two. This one, located at the Malá Strana end of the Charles Bridge, is much smaller, more narrow, and has books piled on every available surface. In short, pretty much want you want in a pocket-sized used bookstore. And for a group of voracious readers who had already gone through a round or two of book trading, new titles were almost a necessity. Used bookstores are an absolute lifeline for most of us…. e-readers be damned.

Seems like ages ago, and yet it doesn’t. Another year, and still weird.


Sunday Snapshots: Prague from the Gardens

Prague, 2009

Prague, 2009

If you venture beyond the streets filled with tourists in Prague, you just might find yourself here, overlooking the old Troja Palace. This view can be seen from the city’s Botanical Gardens, which are far enough from the summer mayhem to give a sense of serenity but still close enough for a view back to the main castle complex.

Of course on our way back to the city from here, we found ourselves at the finish line of the Prague Marathon, complete with Samba bands and small children dressed like extras at the Rio Carnival parade. Because that’s how Prague works.

Sunday Snapshots: Obama Mania

Statues? Ninjas? Ninja Statues?

Statues? Ninjas? Ninja Statues?

One of the advantages to living in a capital city such as Prague is getting to see more notable people passing through than I could back home. While there, I saw Prince Charles and his entourage strolling through Mala Strana, the Pope’s caravan of cars driving along the river (and the window was cracked, so I may have glimpsed the top of his hat), and of course the championship-winning Czech ice hockey team. Though the hockey team had a fairly impressive welcome home party in Old Town Square after their victory, none of those caused quite the kerfuffle that our very own president did when he visited in April of 2009.

On that epic day, I gathered with a group of friends, and we joined the sea of humanity that streamed up towards Prague Castle. Using public transport that day was completely out of the question, as was any thought of escape once we had all squeezed through the crooked alleys and streets that lead onto Hradčanské náměstí, the square in front of the castle, where President Obama would be speaking. Our group struggled to stick together, making our way to a less crowded space with a decent view of one of the big screens. We noted the sniper ninjas placed on buildings around us, cleverly blending in among the statues that edge most of the rooftops of the square. We noted the lack of beers in hands, nearly unheard of for any public gathering in the CZR!

Soon though, the time had come. I took this picture of pictures when Mr. and Mrs. Obama first appeared on the big screen. Smartphones weren’t too big yet in 2009 (at least, not in the CZR), so this feels charmingly dated to me.

prague crowd

Also, if you think a kid hanging off of a taxi stand sign is dangerous, you should have seen the one who had climbed up into one of the enormous lampposts. He probably had a better view of the stage than us. So we made due with the screens broadcasting the man himself…

obama prague speech

So young, so dark-haired, so optimistic.

To be honest, I definitely had to google in order to remember what the speech was about. Foreign relations, to be sure, but Wikipedia tells me that the main thrust of his speech that day was on nuclear weapons in the post-Cold War world. That does sound familiar, but for me it was really more about the experience than what he was saying.

It’s not too often that you have the chance to see your country’s sitting president in the flesh (on a video screen, or teeeny tiny in the distance if you hop up and down #shortpeopleproblems), and who knows if it will ever happen again? And at the risk of sounding too political, this election cycle kiiiiiind of makes me want to stick my head in the oven so it’s nice to think back on a day that I was happy to be an American in Euroland. Let’s all hang on to those memories, shall we?