Sunday Snapshots: Hello, Goodbye

Prague, 2010

Everything moves on… even the Lennon Wall.


Sunday Snapshots: Ch-ch-changes…

Prague, 2017

BV and I were searching for a beer on the Malá Strana side of the river last year in Prague, when we stumbled upon this place. Just at the Újezd tram stop, and down through a passage that had been home to a produce market (with extras, like most Praha produce markets), was now a huge courtyard beer garden. I don’t know how long it had been open at this point, but it was nearly empty. That seemed rather odd, given the size, and given the fact that the menu was full of unusual beers*, but maybe the kids were all hanging out somewhere else that day? If you’re in Prague, check it out and let me know what’s going on…

*Unusual to us, anyway. The market has expanded a TON since I was there and we were all Gambrinus, all the time.

Sunday Snapshots: Praha in Spring

Prague, 2009

April 2nd, 2009, lives in my mind as an Epic Prague Day. Friends from our TEFL course had passed around Europe and returned to Prague before flying back to the U.S., and so we took the chance to make the most of our time left together.  That meant doing one of the boat tours on the Vltava, feasting our way through the Easter market, buying beers to take on the spider bike, and convincing our spider bike driver to take us on an extended off-tour excursion as his punishment for picking us up late.

Then it was more wandering around the city, including this walk through the park filled with young and old (and a couple taking their cat for a walk); while we soaked up the Czech sunshine, eventually finding our way to a cozy pub that didn’t mind indulging some silly Americans, flush with sentimentality for the end of our time together for the evening. I miss those crazy kids.