31-Day Challenge 2018: Day 14

What is the messiest room or area of your home?

I’m pretty sure that during this challenge last year I wrote about my quest to move all of my work stuff out of our bedroom and into the office. I’m happy to report that I was successful in doing so. I am less happy to say that our “office” remains an unholy disaster area.

I used to have piles of books that migrated around the house. It’s an unfortunate side effect of teaching 15-20 classes a week, most of which use at least two books, some the same, some not. Those are now mostly housed on a bookshelf in semi-chronological order of their class times. Sometimes though, they wind up on a pile on the floor by Friday, as I’m tossing things in and out of my bag all week.

I also used to have piles of papers that I’ve photocopied and “might need again at some point.” Many of these copies were slightly askew from hurried copying, or had their edges nommed off, as Marry d.K. enjoys chewing on paper at random times. Do those piles still exist? Yep.

They don’t live in the bedroom anymore, but there are at least two piles that migrate on and around the desk, waiting for that fateful day when they’ll be filed. Since some of them haven’t been touched in well over a year, as I’ve made a concerted effort to copy less unnecessary shit, I think it’s safe to say that I could just burn them at this point. I foresee a lot of grilling this summer, and I think we’ve got the paper aspect of firestarting covered.

Besides the book chaos and the migrating paper stacks, the office is kind of a scary place. Since moving in with a normal person who hadn’t been living out of suitcases like I had, BV has his entire life in this house. His parents don’t have random boxes of his shit like most people’s do… it’s all here. All his old school papers are housed in binders and boxes, many of which are filling up those bookcases in the office. Apparently there are more up in the attic, as well.

Bins and binders are joined by random boxes of jumbled electronic equipment. A soldering iron moves around the house, but it often lives under the desk where I trip on it regularly.

Speaking of the desk, it is a behemoth. I honestly do NOT understand how it got into the house. It’s one of those huge, old, metal desks that you only see now in movies set in the 1970s. The interior is actually relatively well-organized, but the top is a moving, living creature. Even more so when the cat leaps up on it while I’m trying to do invoices, and sends a few things flying. She’s helpful.

As it stands, the office is really not a functional space for either of us. We go in there to get things, but rarely do much actual work in it. It actually stresses me out to try to do any work in there. Or it just makes me think about things like taxes, and who wants to think about that? I’d probably save both of us a lot of time and stress if we just went in together and reorganized it, but it’s one of those things that neither of us can seem to make ourselves do. Those tasks that you put off and off and off, and then they are inevitably so much easier than you thought they’d be (not like taxes, this time), are the worst.



Editor’s Note: This is part of a 31-day challenge series for the month of May, which will possibly now extend into June to compensate for the vacation gap, in which I aim to spend at least 15 minutes writing about whatever strikes my fancy. Results may vary.


31-Day Challenge: Day 11

“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.” ~Lena Horne

Where are you making life harder than it needs to be?

I came across this quote and question in an old day planner that I have laying around. Like many of my planners, it’s half-full because when I set it up, I grossly over complicated it, and it had way more nonsense in it than I needed, which I felt the need to use simply because it was there.

This year, I bought a simple Lichtturm notebook and set up my first bullet journal. I had seen a lot of posts about them online and decided to give it a try. After figuring out a tentative plan for how I wanted to use it, I laid out the first month or so and off I went. I’ve found it to be a relatively simple system, and I’ve made good use of mine throughout the year. It goes almost everywhere with me, and I’ve been consistently listing and checking things off on paper, which I find very satisfying.

That has gone a long way towards making me feel more organized. However, it’s not a perfect fix. Lately, I’ve run into the slight issue of forgetting or mixing up things for various classes. This is one hundred percent down to the giant shitshow currently living on the floor of our bedroom.

A few months ago, I cleared out the last shelf in our bookshelf, which was reserved for piles of papers and books from my English classes. In went normal books, and the teaching material moved to the floor. I had good intentions for clearing a new shelf for these things in the office, but then work started up after Christmas and we were off to the races. Gradually the pile has grown, crawling over the floor like the hops in our garden. It’s invading other spaces, it’s growing out, and when I try to re-stack things, cats come through and send things sliding down again. At this point, it’s completely out of hand.

My schedule at this point is different every day. Different companies, different levels, different books, different everything. The fact that I haven’t shown up in the wrong place at the wrong time yet, is a little bit amazing. Not that I’m a space cadet, but I’m juggling a fair amount right now and if I don’t pay attention, getting on the wrong train wouldn’t be too hard to do.

Generally though, I feel good about how work is going. There have been rough times here over the years, so I very much feel like it’s the season to make hay while the sun shines. But the pile plagues me. It’s visual evidence of me only knowing what I’m doing on the outside, but don’t poke any further. It is most definitely making my life harder than it needs to be. But when I leave home at 7am and don’t get home until 6:30pm, the absolute last thing I want to do is unpack my bag and put things neatly away. I want to flop on the couch, BV to serve me dinner, and to remain there until it’s time for bed.

That’s not what normally happens, but making myself do anything productive in the evening is a struggle.

As a freelancer, it’s up to me to manage my schedule and get everything done when it needs doing. I do try to separate work time and free time, but working freelance makes that extremely difficult some days. I get emails at all hours, and I let all my students know that if they need a question answered urgently, they can write me at any time. That’s something I’m happy to do, but the administrative side of things just makes me crazy.

However, it’s got to stop at some point. That means that this weekend, hopefully tomorrow, I’m going to kill the pile. I don’t know yet where I’m going to go with the pile as the office is also short on shelf space, but that’s an excuse I’ve been using for months. The pile is making me crazy, I’m tripping over the crap, the cat is partying on it and keeping me up at night… it’s gotta stop. It’s making my life harder than it needs to be, and I’m not having it anymore.


Editor’s Note: This is part of a 31-day challenge series for the month of May, in which I aim to spend at least 15 minutes writing about whatever strikes my fancy. Results may vary.

The Quest for Balance Continues…

Another year, another May come and gone like a flash. Once again, it’s been weeks since my last non-Sunday photo post… sorry about that! While I don’t want to be a blogger who just posts for the sake of posting, I also feel out of sorts when I don’t update here on a regular basis. I think I’m doomed to float through the blogosphere always feeling like I lack on one end or another.

Buuuuut that seems a little dark, so let’s pick it up a bit. Things have been pretty busy around here, but there have been a lot of positives lately.


~2016 shall henceforth be known as the year when everyone decided they wanted English lessons again. Even May, which is notoriously full of public holidays and thus rough for us freelancers, ended up being pretty good. I picked up some filler classes and some new regular groups as well. At the moment I’m working four or five days a week, which is more than I’ve had in the last two years. Plus, my commutes are pretty scenic these days.

~BV is busy working away on his Master’s thesis at the moment. The original plan was for him to be finished sometime in July, but after evaluating the project’s status, he decided to push the deadline to mid-August. And thus, no fun shall be had until then. Maybe. We’ll see.


~May didn’t end up being quite as busy as last year, but since I was working more, and BV was in a thesis-induced panic, that was a good thing. We celebrated BV’s birthday with a few days in Munich, and also spent a weekend in Prague to see one of my old friends get married. Coincidentally, another friend was getting married the same day, and we ran smack into their party at dinner the night before. Sometimes Prague is a ridiculously small town, but we were very happy to get the chance to say congrats in person.


~Both of us being gone more has meant that Marry die Katze has been upping her codependency game. It’s sweet when she comes to cuddle at 4am, but I’m trying to make sure that we both make an extra bit of time to play with her when we are home. Additionally, she’s been slightly nuttier than usual every time the weather changes, which has been roughly every ten minutes for the last few weeks.

She is the worst at posing. And the best at rubbing on your shoes.

She is the worst at posing. And the best at rubbing on your shoes.

~This year we discovered the absolute best defense against Mondays, and it’s called The Wine Show. It airs in the UK on Sundays but we’ve been watching it online the following evening. It’s pretty much all the best parts of travel shows and food shows + wine + British accents + lots and lots of HD shots of the Italian countryside. I recommend pairing it with a semi-fancy bottle of wine, and one of your favorite recipes. Mondays no longer suck in this house.

~Every now and then on this blog I’ve written about the fact that I am a total spaz when it comes to exercising. However, since learning last year that I have a thyroid problem, I figured that it’s probably best to stop buying Haribo crap on a thrice-weekly basis and move my butt slightly more. Starting at the beginning of the year, I’ve slowly been getting into yoga. I recognize that it’s not going to make me lose a ton of weight, but I like it, it feels good, I’m sleeping better, and as someone who is not at all flexible, I can actually see myself making teensy tinesy bits of progress which is encouraging. If anyone is thinking of giving it a try, my gateway was doing the 30-day challenge on Do You Yoga, and that led me to Bad Yogi. I’ve tried quite a few of the different yoga channels on YouTube, but thus far, Erin Motz (the Bad Yogi) is by far my favorite. The only downside is that most of her videos on YouTube are in the 10-15 minute range, so I’ve been doubling up and doing two or three per day. I doubt I’ll actually be doing headstands anytime soon, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that jazz.

That’s about all I’ve got for now, but I’m hoping to get myself onto a regular posting schedule soon (I also have a new planner which should help with that… yay for organization!), and also get back to reading and commenting on all the lovely blogs I follow. As always, it’s good to have goals.

Weird and Wacky Wednesday Vol. 5: Fashionable Male & An Update

Today’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday post comes courtesy of one of my students who made it incredibly difficult for me to maintain a straight face in our lesson this morning. “Franz” is a young guy, and pretty much epitomizes the hip, early 20s male in this area. Before he joined the group, it was all-female, but he’s taken it in stride, making it a very comfortable and easy atmosphere. He’s the kind of guy that plays soccer in the snow, breaks his leg skiing, and solders home-made jewelry for his girlfriend (and mom) for Christmas. Cue the “awww” here. Usually his sense of fashion is fairly on point, whether that’s down to him or his girlfriend, I cannot tell you.

But today…. oh man.

He came in, sat down, and at first I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Then he shifted positions. His outer layer was a very nice chambray shirt, which paired well with his tan skinny jeans and sneakers. Underneath the open top of the chambray shirt, you could just see the top of a picture, which appeared to be a woman’s head. And over that head?


Were there other words to the left and right of “BOOBS”? Probably.

Could I see them? No.

So the whole lesson, every time I looked at him, I had to stifle a giggle.

I’m filing this one in the category of “shit that will earn you a sexual harassment complaint in America,” because I’m pretty sure if anyone of my male friends wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “BOOBS,” they would have major issues with their HR departments. Friends in the States, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in ze comments.

As for the title of this post, I tried to distract myself from laughing by trying to remember lines from the classic film ‘Mallrats,’ which featured a store called Fashionable Male. If you are unfamiliar with this ridiculous piece of 90s nostalgia, feel free to watch this movie, or this clip featuring the manager of Fashionable Male, aka a very young Ben Affleck. Enjoy.

Fashionable Male (with BOOBS) aside, I also have an update on the very confused man from my Weird and Wacky Wednesday post back during the DB strikes.

Since writing that post, I have seen the Salmon Man quite a few times on our local train. He’s almost always speaking VERY loudly on the phone, and is often carrying something kind of strange. Once it was a garbage bag that clanked very ominously, which he left in the middle of the aisle on the train.

Today though, I got confirmation that he is almost certainly a tricky little Schwarzfahrer.

Schwarzfahrer: noun. Literally: black driver. Colloquially: asshat who rides trains without a ticket. If busted they will be fined, but more importantly they will be publicly shamed by the conductor.

Shortly after I wrote the post about the Salmon Man being confused about train strikes, I was roused from my podcast stupor by very loud voices on the train. When I poked my head up to find the source, I saw the Salmon Man over by the train doors animatedly speaking with the conductor about his lack of ticket. I shook my head, and directed my attention back to my game of solitaire.

This evening, I found myself sitting kitty-corner behind Salmon Man once again. As per usual, he was on the phone speaking to someone who is apparently borderline deaf. I was greatly entertained by watching the woman sitting behind him and across from me try to concentrate on her book while simultaneously not rolling her eyes out of her head every time he started talking again. And then the ticket checking conductor arrived. I was on the 6pm train, and by my reckoning it’s about a 50/50 chance if tickets get checked at peak commute times. Since checks aren’t guaranteed it’s possible to get away without buying a ticket, but I’m not a fan of public shaming and I do not recommend chancing it. Unless of course the ticket machine is broken, which is a whole other story.

Salmon Man noticed everyone around him rustling in their bags, said something into the phone about controlling, and then tried to hang up. The conductor got to our end of the train, and checked all the surrounding tickets, while the Salmon Man spun some story to him. I had my ear buds in and hadn’t stopped my podcast (which was turned up all the way to drown out his phone call), so I didn’t hear what he said at first. I got my podcast paused just in time to hear the conductor say (in English), “you must wait for the next train in 30 minutes,” while writing Salmon Man a ticket. Salmon Man had apparently failed to hang up on his phone partner, and said something to them in German about getting a Strafe (a fine or ticket) and then when the conductor left, he switched back into Russian on the phone.

This has now happened twice, so I’m on high alert. I’m on to you, Salmon Man. I know your game, and it drives up prices for the rest of us, so I do not appreciate it. The good news is that the conductors usually have set routes that they work, so hopefully they are on to you as well. I might not be able to do anything about your ‘black riding’ but you can bet your loud and pushy ass that I will throw an elbow the next time you try to skip me in line to get on the train.


Philosophical Tuesday Thoughts

Everyone knows the famous question that wonders: “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Today I was pondering a similar question, and perhaps some of the other English teachers out there can help me out with some answers. My question is: “if you teach lessons in the same room as other English teachers, but the filled up flip chart only has your writing on it, do the other teachers not write anything during their groups?”

I’m filling in for the next few weeks for another teacher while he’s on holiday, which means that I’m working almost full weeks for the first time in months. The first two days went pretty well, but it did leave me with the above question. I wasn’t sure before if this other teacher held classes in the same room that I used or not, and now that I know he does, I’m really confused about the lack of flip chart use. I’ve only been teaching in this company for a few months, and I’ve burned through a lot of empty pages. There’s no wipe board or anything else in the room so I find it all curious. Very curious.

I’ll spare you all pictures of flip charts, and instead leave you with this…


Every other blogger seems to have posts about Fasching/Carnival solidly covered, so I’ll leave you with this picture of my only Fasching-related activity this year. Yes, that’s a (slightly out of focus due to one-handing iPhone photos on a moving train) doughnut filled with Bailey’s. Which was my breakfast this Fat Tuesday morning, because I am a responsible adult.

Hey, fellow English teachers…. help me out with the flip chart question! What’s going on in those classes?

Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Tongue Twistin’

Scene: My last group of the day, made up of seven very entertaining elementary students.

Activity: Working on pronunciation, by teaching each other tongue twisters.

peter piper

Subject: Helga, a delightfully Franconian woman, who is very good-natured even when she finds herself completely flummoxed by the English language. Which is fairly often. She hates grammar with every fiber of her being.

Today however, she took the task at hand on headfirst, and did a pretty decent job of teaching her partner about woodchucks chucking wood. Afterwards, it was her turn to learn, and she was doing pretty well until….

(while staring intently at me, as if I had the words printed on my forehead…)

“Peter Piper picked a pick of pickled peckers.”

….at which point, I almost soiled my pants from laughing so hard. Because I only got three hours of sleep last night which makes everything alternately funny or annoying as hell. And I also have the sense of humor of a 12-year old boy.

No, I did not explain the significance of the word “peckers.” Luckily, everyone was laughing through most of the activity, which meant my near-accident went mostly unnoticed. Thank goodness because that is a can of worms that does not need to be opened with a beginner group. Eek.

So tell me, oh readers… was it really funny? Do you also have the sense of humor of the prepubescent male? Let me know in ze comments!

Back to the Grind, German-Style

As I mentioned last week, BV has had a few weeks of “vacation” while studying for his university tests. Today is his first day back to work, and what follows is a paraphrased conversation we had last night.

BV: Ohhhhh, I just checked my company email and tomorrow is so busy! Before I left, I only had two appointments tomorrow and now I have five.

H: Ouch, I hope they’re short appointments!

BV: No, the first one is at 9:45 and they go all day. I’m going to be so busy!

H: Poor kid, it sounds like you need to schedule a massage* for next week already.

BV: Oh no, don’t worry. The first appointment at 9:45 is for a massage.

H: *headdesk* Of course it is.

*They have a massage therapist who comes to the company, and they can get very cheap massages. There are two, and they’re usually booked solid.

Did I mention that he also has Thursday off so we can go to Munich, and Friday is a national holiday? I sure hope he doesn’t over-exert himself during this two-day work week that is starting with a bloody massage.

Sure, his tests were very stressful, but I still think it’s hilarious that he’s going to roll into the office after two and a half weeks off, dump his stuff at his desk, start the computer, and then roll back out for his massage. Boys.

Since I don’t have a picture that accurately represents massage and all the stock photos are a bit creepy, here’s a picture of a pretty flower. Because fall isn’t all about golden leaves.

fall flower

Friday Germany Expat Survey

To all the other expats out there in Germany, I have a question for you.

This week in one of my classes, we were discussing what people who are coming to Germany for business should know. I also had them come up with a list of strengths and weaknesses of Germans, and we discussed how they might be perceived by someone from a different culture. Then they gave me some homework, which was to come up with a list for Germans, and also Americans. 

I have an idea of what my list is, but it got me thinking about all the different perspectives that I’ve come across on my time in Germany, and I’m curious. So I wonder if any of you could help me out, and leave a comment about what strengths and weaknesses you would say are the signatures of people here in ze Deutschland. This class loves to talk, so a variety of opinions would be wonderful. 🙂 Vielen Dank!

Any thoughts? Leave ’em in the comments!


Work Appreciation

Last Thursday I had a bit of a rough time getting to work. Deutschbahn was doing construction between Erlangen and Fürth, which led to me playing my very own version of ‘Planes, Trains, & Automobiles,’ with my trip being titled ‘Trains, Buses, & Taxicabs.’ Good times. This construction will be going on for the next few weeks, but I couldn’t find any definitive changes to the schedules online in preparation for this week. So this morning I just decided to catch an earlier train, and hopefully that would compensate for any delays.

But of course, this morning the trip was all smooth sailing. Construction is still going on, but apparently my route was finished, because we weren’t even a minute behind today. That meant that I arrived in my destination village an hour and fifteen minutes early… nice one, self.

Instead of being upset about the fact that I could have slept longer, I decided to have some breakfast, take a walk, and share some things that I fully appreciate about my trips to the village on Thursdays…

  • So. Much. Color. Riding the rails to Erlangen takes you past so many fields of gorgeous color right now. Vegetable fields are sprouting right next to huge patches of wild grass and flowers that are a riot of yellow, white, blue, purple, and absolutely popping with poppies. Fields of of rye (or some kind of grain) are almost as blue as they are golden, because they’re so full of cornflowers. It’s gorgeous, and I love it. I can’t get any decent shots from the train but here are some flowers from my pre-work walk….

  • Spots of village life. One of my favorite train sightings is a barn on the edge of one town. On the side of the building is a huge cartoon donkey, with a sign proclaiming their pride at having a 30-year old animal. Yay old donkey!
  • Other animal sightings, such as dogs trotting down lanes after their biking owners, or cats stalking through fields. This morning I was just passing a horse pasture on the bus when suddenly a black and white cat leaped onto one of the fence posts in full-on stalking mode. I’ve been in major “I need an animal” mode lately, and seeing cute things like that does not help. 
  • Speaking of trotting down lanes, I love all the paths that criss-cross the fields. Since I was so early today I took advantage of that and went for a walk down one of them….
Apologies for the blurry flowers… they wouldn’t stop moving.
The pond was busy this morning, full of frogs, ducks, and a giant white goose.
Watching your step = very important.
  • Lastly, I love being able to sit outside the bakery and have a pastry in the morning. I’m not a big breakfast person, and it’s not often that I have this opportunity. But usually my stomach has woken up by the time I get to the village and so it’s great to make a stop. Like most bakeries, this one has some non-paying customers, and this little guy and his friend helped me with my pastry crumbs. BV was recently telling me that these birds are endangered, which is pretty surprising when you see them stalking you outside every shop. Bread is okay for them, but apparently you shouldn’t leave them fatballs in winter. Good to know.

Anybody else have a nice commute to share?
Oh, and happy Fourth to all you Americans out there! Have a burger for me. 🙂

Dear Starbucks, etc.

Dear Starbucks,

First off, let me just say that I love you. Despite the fact that I live in Europe and there are great cafes and bakeries on every corner, if I’m in the city and have a jonesing for a latte, I will almost always come to you.  I appreciate your American-sized beverages, and enjoy having the opportunity to buy cappuccinos that last for longer than three sips (read: every cappuccino in Europe). What can I say? I’m American and enjoy a lot of liquid in my drink choices. If I wanted a midget drink, I’d order an Espresso. And then I’d spend the next several hours ricocheting off of any nearby surface. Luckily for me, the alcohol in the Italian caffè correttos balanced out the caffeine. But I digress.

I acknowledge how lucky I am to live in Nürnberg in this case, because you have thoughtfully opened up four locations in the Altstadt for me to choose from. This is great news, because when there is a line out the door at one (typically the one by the Hauptmarkt), usually the line isn’t quite so scary at one of the other three locations. You also make a great and easily recognizable meeting spot, supply some of the only muffins in town, and always have lactose-free milk for one of my friends, who is eternally searching for it in this city. These are definite pluses in my life. 

While I appreciate your four great locations, might I make a suggestion? Your locations now are quite close to each other, and I think you’re missing a market by only having stores in the heart of downtown. I was walking home yesterday and thinking how great it would be to have a coffee, but unfortunately I hadn‘t had reason to pass any of the four stores on my trip to the city. Now I was headed home empty-handed. 

As I walked, I realized that I knew of the perfect location for you, and it would be a double-whammy for your company. There is a Mr. Bleck coffee shop near the corner of Lorenzer Str./Marienstr. and Konigstorgraben, right at the edge of the Altstadt. If you were to kick out Mr. Bleck, you’d eliminate a competitor, and snag a great new location! Nearby Zwinger Bar is very popular, Sparkasse has a huge new building right across the street, and tons of people pass through on their way in and out of the city or to the movie theater. Speaking for myself, I pass that spot a minimum of 4-6 times a week, and you can bet your buns that I’d be in there at least one of those times. It would be perfect, as usually I don’t want to stop in Starbucks until I’m on my way home, and this way I wouldn’t potentially have to double-back to get my fix. Win, win, win, am I right? 

So imagine my surprise and delight when I got level with the Mr. Bleck location, and saw that the sign was gone, and that there was paper covering the windows…. what a coincidence! I was initially concerned that they were only remodeling, but upon closer investigation the small signs in the window thanked their customers, and asked them to visit their other Nürnberg locations. It gave no mention if another company would be moving in, but I would urge you to act quickly if you haven’t already… this is prime real estate and it won’t be empty long. Just look at how picturesque this corner is…

You’d be in that great corner spot right under the spire. It’s perfect, isn’t it? So please, get to itI’d love to stop for Frappuccinos on my way home this summer. 

Best regards from your loyal future Marientor Starbucks Nürnberg customer, 

A couple of other random thoughts from this week….

  • I cheated a little bit on my promise not to celebrate St. Patty’s Day unless I‘m in Dublin. There’s a tiny bar down the street from my apartment that has Guinness on tap, so BV and I went down there on Sunday night. It was all decked out in banners and shamrocks, but as usual, no one was in there. Considering the huge student housing complex right next to me, I don’t understand why it’s been empty save for two to three old men each time we’ve visited. But really, I’m super happy to have a “local” place, even if it’s not “The J” of Praha fame.

  • The weather here has been on crack all week. It got freezing cold again, and today is the first day that it has been semi-warm and sunny. I’m going to lose my shit if it gets cold again.

  •  I have the next two Wednesdays off and also two in May, because the company I’m at on Wednesdays “always takes the Easter and Pfingsten (Pentecost in May) weeks off.” I’m slightly irritated by this though, because with the America trip coming up, I was kind of counting on those four nice, full, Wednesdays to fill my wallet for the trip. I was even more irritated when I was talking to the groups this week and discovered that almost none of them are taking any time off! Out of about 35 people, only 3 mentioned that they were taking holiday time. The rest would be at work…. and therefore could have attended class. But… since they’ve “always done it,” that’s that. Awesome. 
  • My love for Pinterest was reinforced this week when I made this awesome Cheesy Quinoa Pilaf with Spinach. I added even more spinach than the recipe calls for, plus a little bit of onion, and an entire (small) zucchini. It was SO GOOD. I was super-excited to find the goat Gouda at my local EBL Naturkost (so great, damn the prices!), and it was absolutely delicious. Make it and thank me later. 

So that’s about it. Let’s all hold hands and hope that this reasonably nice weather lasts… okay?