Sunday Snapshots: Sip Up

Napa Valley, CA 2013

You can tell that this vineyard is in California and not in Germany because there are not nearly enough sturdy umbrellas to cover the entire terrace area with protective shade. Regardless of that, this place (the Robert Sinskey Vineyard), was excessively lovely with good snacks and very good wine.


Sunday Snapshots: Quite a Nook

Franconia, 2013

I do love how you just poke your head around some corners and find things like this. This was somewhere in the Franconian Switzerland, but that’s all I can figure out. It’s okay, I like a little mystery.

Sunday Snapshots: La Verna in the Mist

Tuscany, 2013

Tuscany, 2013

If one is going to visit the La Verna Sanctuary, might I recommend not doing it on a hot summers day? Instead, go in January. But only if it’s misty, mysterious, and if you have proper time to wander through the forest and around the buildings, wondering if the monks get the same eerie feeling that you do.

Sunday Snapshots: Uphill

Allgäu, Bavaria 2013

We’ve been trapped inside most of this weekend due to some much-needed rain in the area. While the break from the heat is nice, it is a wee bit sticky outside. It doesn’t quite compare to the dripping humidity that we experienced on this hike a few years ago, but I do wish there was some water around to stick my feet in. The bathtub isn’t quite the same as an Alpine stream.

Sunday Snapshots: Bring Back Italy

Nürnberg, 2013

I always make time to get to the Italian Market in the spring and fall, but this picture just reminded me that it used to pop up in summer too. I think it was part of a Venetian weekend in Nürnberg, but I’ll be darned if I can find any information on it now… maybe it no longer exists? Help me if you know! Need more truffle sausage!

Sunday Snapshots: Old School

Waukesha Co., Wisconsin 2013

Wisconsin, 2013

These were taken on one of my trips back to the U.S. in 2013. It was BV’s first time in the States, and one very important stop was at my last workplace, Old World Wisconsin. While I sadly didn’t work in the General Store, I did drive the tram past and direct people there regularly. It’s a wonderful place, and if for (some strange reason) you’re lost in south-eastern Wisconsin, I highly recommend a stop.