Sunday Snapshots: Beat the Crowds

Fürth, 2018

Friendly reminder that if the Christmas market in Nürnberg is too packed for your taste, right up the U-Bahn is Fürth. Much less crowded, a cool middle-age area, and a bonus small market in the Altstadt on Waagplatz from the 6th to the 15th this year.


Sunday Snapshots: Make a Wish

Leipzig, 2018

Thanks to a twitter thread that got out of hand last year, we found ourselves in Leipzig for a weekend to meet up with a whole pile of cool folks for an evening. Having never been to the city before, we thoroughly enjoyed our day of wandering beforehand. I was shocked at the amount of green right in the middle of the city, and this Wunschbaum, or wish tree, was an even more colorful sighting.

Sunday Snapshots: A Long Way Up

South Tyrol, 2018

Two years in a row had BV and I walking a long way uphill to get to the Bonnerhütte on their first open day of the season. Since we’re taking a break from South Tyrol this May, we won’t be getting those sweet sweet dumplings this weekend, but hopefully they’ll still be available whenever we do get there next time.