Norway Road Trip 2017: Vik├Şyri

The second stop of our Norwegian trip was a short but sweet night in and around Vik├Şyri, a village on Sognefjorden. The main reason for our visit was sheer logistics, as my original plan to drive to Bergen went out the window when we saw that the short distance on the map would take us nearly nine hours. Instead, we opted for a projected four and a half hour drive from S├Žb├Ş, which ended up being closer to eight in reality.

Why so long? Because driving in Norway is winding, twisting, up, down, and SO RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY THAT YOU WILL STOP FOR PHOTOS CONSTANTLY.

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Sunday Snapshots: Eis Strolls

Franconia, 2014

Nothing says “summer is on its way,” more than walking up into our little town’s center to buy two scoops at our gelato shop, then strolling through this gate and around the castle gardens. It’s a bit under construction at the moment, but rumor has it that the castle will be reopening after a multi-year renovation project sometime soon!

Sunday Snapshots: A Reminder

St. Barbara’s Church, Kutn├í Hora, 2009

Kutn├í Hora is probably best known among tourists as home to the so-called “bone church,” which while decidedly macabre, wasn’t my cup of tea. St. Barbara’s, on the other hand, was as majestic from a distance as it was inside. There were a few visitors, sure, but no lines, no crowding, just arching ceiling above, medieval frescoes peering down at you, and warm spring light pouring through the windows. If you come to Kutn├í Hora for the bone church, stay for St. Barbara’s, and this church of frosted cupcake.

Speaking of sun, the days are getting longer and warmer, which hopefully means that summer is just around the corner. Soon most European cities will be teeming with tourists, buses, “theft-proof” wallet necklaces, and the bane of the 21st century, selfie sticks.

This picture can hopefully serve as a friendly reminder that one of my favorite parts of living here is that one can almost always turn a corner and find themselves very nearly alone. I’ll try to remember it myself when I’m fighting my way through boat people in at the farmer’s market in N├╝rnberg’s Hauptmarkt in a week or two…

Sunday Snapshots: A Little Light

Prague, 2016

Nearly six years ago when I left Prague, the main station was still very much a work in progress. Its Art Nouveau interior still shone through a layer of grime that was slowly being scrubbed away, along with numerous other renovation projects. Now when you hop off the Deutsche Bahn express bus that runs between N├╝rnberg and Praha, you enter a pristine dome that absolutely sparkles. If you’re lucky enough to land on a sunny day, take a few minutes and pause to enjoy the view!

Sunday Snapshots: Out and In

Cologne, 2017

March is a bit thin on the ground when it comes to travel pictures, so instead of delving into the archive today, these photos are from last weekend.

An old friend of mine from college was traveling through France and Belgium with her mom, and she was lovely enough to work a day in Cologne into their short trip. BV and I doubled down for the trip, and stopped by his grandma’s for a visit before heading to Cologne on Saturday night.

The only other time I had been in Cologne, it absolutely poured rain. That theme continued on this trip, with a *slightly stressful* drive into the city in the midst of a spring storm. We arrived much later than planned, ran out into the deluge to try to find a restaurant that would still serve us dinner, and were rewarded by both a silent city and an epic view of the K├Âlner Dom* lit up at night.

Thankfully by the next morning the rain had passed and we had blue skies for the majority of the day with my old friend. We took advantage of the weather to explore more of the old city center, the lovely walk along the Rhine, and a short dip into the cathedral itself. Sunday is not the best day to visit if you want to see the entirety of the church, but at least we got in the door. Besides, if they’re traveling through France, they’ll be cathedral-ed out in a day or two anyway, right?

*Cologne Cathedral