Sunday Snapshots: Bavarian Blue (and White)

Ettal, Bavaria 2015

A new year, a new round of Sunday pictures. And on an incredibly gray day in Franconia, which was preceded by several more gray days, I am in dire need of blue sky… or at least the ability to look at some, somewhere.


Sunday Snapshots: Mirror Effect

When a lake is as picturesque as the Weitsee…

Weitsee, 2015

Sunday Snapshots becomes a two-picture affair.

The first time we visited Reit im Winkl was more or less out of desperation. Since then, it’s become one of my favorite easy weekend escapes. If you want a chance of a day like this though, you had best go early in November. I just checked the village webcams and it is looking distinctly white these days…

Sunday Snapshots: Snowshoes and Solitude

Bavarian Alps, 2016

Bavarian Alps, 2016


The downside of picking a major winter sports destination for your snowshoeing weekend is that the village is chock-full of people. The upside? During both of the days that we spent five or six hours tromping around on the mountains in said snowshoes, we saw two other people doing the same. Everyone else was on the ski slopes, or doing rounds on the cross country ski trails that ran through the valley below. We were 100% on our own.

Was that slightly alarming when it started snowing like crazy a few hours into a hike? (That would be blowing snow in the picture above… not smoke.) Yeah… it was. But we lived to tell the tale. Plus, there were plenty of restaurants in town open for dinner when we came back to civilization, thank goodness! A couple of hours trekking through fresh snow really works up the ol’ appetite. 🙂

Sunday Snapshots: Wintry Wonderland

Oberpfalz, 2016

Oberpfalz, 2016

Though it is currently well below zero and we do have  a dusting of snow in our garden, it’s hard to compare our view to this… the driveway of our friends south of Nürnberg in the Oberpfalz. After a long night of fun and games to bid farewell to their Workawayers, we all awoke to find an absolute blanket outside. The snow continued all through the morning and was fairly appropriate…. couldn’t have them returning to Costa Rica without shoveling themselves out of the house first!