Sunday Snapshots: Right on Schedule

Franconia, 2017

I could have taken this picture today, as I was in the exact same place, doing the exact same thing. The only difference would be that the tree that stood in this corner of the barn today was a short-needled pine, and only had lights on it… no stars. And we found our own tree much faster today!


Sunday Snapshots: All the (Best) Wurst

Nürnberg, 2017

Seems like it was just yesterday when my sister arrived from her long tenure in South Korea. One of our first orders of business was to take her to the Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt where we all spent long enough gazing longingly at these sausages and sniffing their sweet smoke to not care that much about spoiling our dinners.

Sunday Snapshots: It’s Hoppening

Franconia, 2017

Not so much this year, sadly. This was September 3rd last year, and I cannot say that our garden hops look anywhere near as good right now. The long, hot summer has been absolutely epic on the fruit front… we’ve had piles of pears and apples already, and the markets are overflowing with plums at the moment. Even the Federweisser, or new wine, has had an extremely early harvest in some places.

But here in our garden, our hops looks much smaller than in this picture. They’ve perked up a bit with the last few rainy days but it’s not nearly as full and lush as this time last year. We don’t use it, so… no major loss for us. Here’s hoping the hop farmers down south have been vigilant about the watering… if not, we may have to stock up on beer while we still can.

Sunday Snapshots: Shades of Blue

Sometimes fate comes on lunch break, Franconia, 2017

Ah yes, August 1st, 2017. The day I innocently went into a Trachten store on my lunch break to kill a little more time. The day I saw a Dirndl and it was love.

It didn’t come home with me, in fact, I didn’t even try it on. But then a few months ago BV and I were in a completely different Trachten shop to buy him a shirt and there it was. I tried it on, and it was all over. It’ll even be making its debut this week at the Gardener’s wedding. And then it shall go directly to the dry cleaner’s, because the wedding is on Wednesday and it’s supposed to be 34 degrees here. Hopefully the next time I wear it, it’ll be a bit cooler. Fall festival season is approaching, after all…

Sunday Snapshots: Wedding Season

Franconia, 2015

Saturdays this time of year tend to be rather loud. Every weekend, you can hear car horns honking randomly as caravans of wedding guests drive through the countryside en route from churches to the reception venues. But every once in a while, you can catch one of these party places empty. If one must go to church, why not go to one with its own defensive wall?