Sunday Snapshots: Wedding Season

Franconia, 2015

Saturdays this time of year tend to be rather loud. Every weekend, you can hear car horns honking randomly as caravans of wedding guests drive through the countryside en route from churches to the reception venues. But every once in a while, you can catch one of these party places empty. If one must go to church, why not go to one with its own defensive wall?


Sunday Snapshots: Friends!

South Tyrol, 2017

On our last day in South Tyrol, I wrote that the pain of leaving was lessened by meeting a very friendly foal. There were many pats, and it was wonderful. With any luck on this Sunday, I’ll be searching for him (or her, not sure), again.

Sunday Snapshots: Bavarian Colors

Reit im Winkl, Bavaria 2017

The colors of the Bavarian flag may be blue and white, but spend any time in the villages near the Alps and you’ll see no shortage of other hues. These  one can be found on the side of a hotel in Reit im Winkl, and helped to brighten up the gray day that we had experienced on our wet spring hike. In fact, I bet there’s a warm and dry restaurant nearby that also has some colorful cake…

Sunday Snapshots: It’s Coming

Franconia, 2017

While our garden isn’t quite in full color explosion mode, these crocuses have been poking their way through over the last few days. Today was almost take-the-jacket-off weather, and I took advantage of it with an extended Sunday walk. In addition to all the spring flowers sprinkled about, here are some other sure signs of spring I saw while out today:

  • one yellow butterfly
  • three deer sprinting across the field (Twitterpation!)
  • several happy muddy pups
  • one woman in full athletic gear tapping along with her Nordic walking sticks
  • one hunting cat
  • one cat curled up in a full faceplant on a sunny terrace
  • the first drone of the season (run away!)

I’m on board with everything but the last point. Bring on Biergarten season!