Italy: Artsy Accomodations

It’s cold and snowy here in Germany, and I’m on the dawn end of an all-nighter due to some pressing paperwork. That is a perfect storm of blah, so we’re going to step back a few weeks and talk some more about Italy today.

Not a bad view on a January morning.

You already know that we ate some fantastic food over our New Year’s vacation, but today I’m going to give you a little peek into where we stayed. The accommodation was about as far from a typical hotel as you can get, but in this case it was not a bad thing. Some friends of BV operate a Ferienwohnung on the side of a hill in Tuscany, so that’s where we stayed. 

Dining area in our house

A Ferienwohnung is a ‘holiday apartment,’ and they have three or four of them on the property. BV and I stayed in the largest one, which had a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area for at least five people, and the biggest table. This meant that all of four of the shared meals were held in our house. 

We traveled with some friends, and their apartment was a bit smaller, and would only sleep two comfortably. All the apartments are heated by wood stoves which have some major pros and cons. Pros: they smell good, they get very warm, and you can throw all paper garbage right into the oven. Cons: they smell a lot and so will your clothes, and as my friend said, “it’s like a test baby.” Meaning that you have to get up every two hours all night, or you will have a very cold wake up call. Tuscany in January is much warmer than Germany, but still pretty chilly at night. Brrrr.

All the houses were furnished in a mish-mosh of objects, from the dishes to the bedding. Even the tiles in the kitchens and bathrooms were a mix of “normal” tiles, to pieces of mirror or mosaic tiles. (I slacked… I forgot pictures. But the bathroom floor was fascinating). There was something interesting to see everywhere you looked in the houses. If you didn’t bring anything to read, there were tons of books from previous guests (as long as you didn’t mind reading in German), and even some board games that had been left behind. Schwabach Tycoon, what?? Who knew.

Can you see me in the door decor?

Hand-painted accents were everywhere.

But if you’re in Tuscany, you don’t want to hang out in the house, right? Well if you thought the inside of the flat was interesting, you were in for a treat outside. My old sculpture professor would have called it “found object art,” and that’s about all I can say. 

Lots of cairns. Loooots of cairns.
What vacation doesn’t need a swing?

That’s the front of our house in the background.

These jugs were all over as well.
Outdoor dining area as art (those glasses are glued down).
Enormous nativity scene

Tibetan flags featured heavily as well.
View back up towards our house. Two more are behind the trees.

Oh, I miss that sun.

So that’s a glimpse into where we stayed. This kind of a place probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s an experience to be had. So if you are into Tuscan hillsides, wood stoves, found objects, good food, and don’t mind driving 15 minutes up a potholed dirt road, this might be your kind of place. German skills are encouraged though, just as a warning. There are a lot of stories at the top.   

15 thoughts on “Italy: Artsy Accomodations

  1. Hahahaha a “test baby”! Funny! What did you guys do? Take turns with an alarm set every few hours? Still, it sounds like it was an extremely cozy getaway! I can just taste the chianti…

    I'm actually thinking of Tuscany for our honeymoon in June, how did you find all of your accommodations? Can you recommend a site that you use? I got overwhelmed when I searched on Google and would rather stay somewhere based on word of mouth.

    Have a nice weekend and good luck on that paperwork that's kept you up all night. : )

  2. I'm not sure what exactly our friends did, but we tried the alarm thing at least one night. It failed miserably but ultimately we paid the price when we both got sick. Whoops.

    Tuscany would be a great choice I think… We only stayed in one place, and as I said in the post, it's a holiday apartment that's owned by friends of the boyfriend. It was great but it's a bit of a “rustic” experience and the owners don't speak a whole lot of English so you could be in for an interesting stay. If you want more info, you've got my email so just drop me a line!

    Thanks and hope you had a nice one too. Paperwork finally got sorted out, danke Gott. 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    Just happened to stumble upon your blog and love it because it's about one of my passions: traveling!!

    How amazing that you were in Tuscany!! I want to go there one day. I love the artsy look of the apartment. The views must have been phenomenal… But waking up every two hours to put logs on the fire! That must have been interesting 😉

    Well, hope to continue stopping by here and learn about your travels and Germany… Stop by my site to see my travels, mainly New York 🙂

    Enjoy your day!!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping and commenting Senorita!

    I would highly recommend Tuscany, so definitely keep that on your to-do list… you won't regret it. As for the wood, I don't think that's standard procedure at most hotels so you probably won't have to deal with that. 🙂

    Thanks again for writing, I always like to “meet” new people and I'll look forward to reading a bit about NY!

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