A Hat-trick of Americana

Saturday afternoon found BV and me speeding down the Autobahn yet again. We were headed to a town near Essen to visit his grandma, whose birthday we had to miss a few weeks ago as we were both feeling under the weather. Our visit was dual purpose though, as we also had to retrieve a wine shelf that BV bought on eBay, proving once again that eBay is a perfectly reasonable way for people to furnish their homes.

Our new wine shelf previously resided in a town a bit outside of Cologne. We picked it up without incident, and were zipping along a highway on our way back to the Autobahn when the following three things happened in less than five kilometers (or 3.1 miles, if you prefer)…

  1. Bruce Springsteen’s classic “Born in the U.S.A.” came on the radio. This is not an infrequent occurrence on German radio, but it still strikes me as odd every time it happens. Side note: when we started dating, BV was quite convinced that Springsteen was Canadian, even after I pointed out that the song would be really confusing if he was.

  2. As I was having the usual thoughts about it being weird to hear “Born in the U.S.A.” when I’m  not actually IN the U.S.A., one of these babies came barreling towards us in the other lane…


    You see the occasional conversion van around here, in fact we have one that lives in our village, but it definitely takes a backseat to the VW bus in these parts.

  3.  A minute or two later, we passed a nice-looking little German restaurant. BV saw it, and said that we should start keeping an eye out for Stauder beer signs, as we had a case in the back that we wanted to try to return while we were in the area. As he was finishing up the sentence, I spotted what looked like a restaurant coming up on the right side of the road. I turned to get a better look at the beer signs as we  passed and saw the full name of the restaurant: “Touchdown – American Sports Bar & Grill”*

At that point I just turned to BV and said, “WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHERE ARE WE?”

So, fellow Americans… was that weird as hell, or is it just me?

*Hehe, I couldn’t resist the picture.

2 thoughts on “A Hat-trick of Americana

  1. Yesterday I had an experience that reminds me of your adventure. I parked at the Edeka in Alt- Erlangen. On the right parked a Renault Megane and on my left was a Peugeot 507. Near the vegetable stall a woman spokes with her child en français! And the cheese counter had a special offer on “Saint Agur”!!
    My beloved wife explains these marvelous manifestation causes in coincidence of three “fluida sublimis” Aether, Od and Erdstrahlen.

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