Sunday Snapshots: It’s Coming

Franconia, 2017

While our garden isn’t quite in full color explosion mode, these crocuses have been poking their way through over the last few days. Today was almost take-the-jacket-off weather, and I took advantage of it with an extended Sunday walk. In addition to all the spring flowers sprinkled about, here are some other sure signs of spring I saw while out today:

  • one yellow butterfly
  • three deer sprinting across the field (Twitterpation!)
  • several happy muddy pups
  • one woman in full athletic gear tapping along with her Nordic walking sticks
  • one hunting cat
  • one cat curled up in a full faceplant on a sunny terrace
  • the first drone of the season (run away!)

I’m on board with everything but the last point. Bring on Biergarten season!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: It’s Coming

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