Two Months on Tour

Considering that we didn’t take an official summer vacation this year, the last two months have been a whole lot of all over the place. BV and I did spend five days in Oberbayern with his parents in July, but that was more like another extended weekend than an actual vacation. I’m hoping we make up for it next year but that all remains to be seen.

So what did I get up to in August and September (besides baking?), click on to find out…

Disclaimer: all of this happened in between work days. School holidays and various class breaks hit me pretty hard this year, which was great on one hand (see below), but somewhat unexpected on the other. Most of the work that I DID have fell at the beginning of the week which made working in long weekends and mid-week trips much easier than they usually are.

August got started with one cancellation though… my usual Wednesday classes had to take a day off because The Gardener got married! They’ve been together for ages, and finally decided to make it official. BV was in charge of driving the car, cooking the Weißwürste, assorted other odd jobs, while I was on photographer duty. Good times were had by all.

BV on bouquet duty

The following week we were off south again for my birthday weekend. I put BV in charge of figuring out what we were going to do because trying to find anything decent mid-August drives me crazy. Darn you Bavarian school holidays and everything being overpriced! And yes, he chose very wisely.

Why yes, I did manage to get Lederhosen into the first two pictures of this post. Thank you for noticing.

We started by hiking up to the Blaueishütte, and those of you who read my ‘Hütte Hiking for Beginners‘ maaaay recall that I mentioned wanting to go back there soon. Well played, BV.

Back at sea level we made a quick stop at the Hintersee

before heading to our destination for the rest of the weekend, Inzell. It looks a lot different without snow, to say the least. For one, all the Alms were open.

Our legs were in need of a rest by the time Sunday rolled around, which meant the perfect chance to hop over to Salzburg. We left the car near the Chiemsee, grabbed a Bayernticket, and rode on over. Then we somehow managed to climb a whole bunch of stairs… so much for resting the legs! It’s okay though, I’ll take Salzburg even with a side of pain.

After a few days at home, I let BV go to work while I got to take an ICE train for a change. My old Prague buddy Katie was passing through Germany on a 24-hour layover en route to Morocco. She and a friend opted to see something besides Frankfurt Airport, and I joined them for a day of walking around  Frankfurt.

A Bier on the Main.

We saw some of the sights, had some Biers on a boat (that’s a Prague throwback), and generally caught up. Can’t go wrong with that.

Back in Bayern and back on the Bayernticket, BV and I rode down to Regensburg to visit the Dult for the first time. The most excellent Steven  had organized to meet up with us and the Regensbloggers, which gave us all a chance to catch up in a festive atmosphere.

That was followed by one weekend of calm, minus the two bakes (Knerken and Apple Marzipan Cake) and lunch with BV’s parents.  Also, laundry. And cleaning. And all those things that had been getting sliiiightly out of hand. Good thing because the next weekend we were off again (ICE time, wee!) to Leipzig!

First off, Leipzig is very cool and I am looking forward to future city break trips there. Second of all, if you are an English-speaking person in Germany you should really consider getting on Twitter. I stayed off for a long time, but the English-speaking community there is super cool and through a series of odd events, a whole pile of us met up that weekend in Leipzig. It was slightly weird, pretty fun, and if it happens again, I won’t  be mad about it.

What with all the running around, I almost missed a chance to go visit my old Prague roomie G., who had relocated to Garmisch-Partenkirchen with his wife, new baby, and assorted parents for a month. We couldn’t make it work on a weekend (see above), but I left BV for a few days of work and quiet time, and went down to see them during the week.

We had a nice few days catching up, G and I went hiking where you definitely could not push a stroller, and I verified that yes, there is an actual baby. It’s crazy how much has changed but I sometimes have a really hard time believing that I haven’t lived in  Prague for seven years. Europe is a weird time warp. But the views are great!

Hallo Zugspitz. I heart you.

I had to head back to Nürnberg quick fast on the weekend. For one thing, they were driving back to Prague, and also, it was our anniversary. BV and I celebrated six years together at Le Virage, a French place in town that has been on his “to eat at on a special occasion” list for a good year.

I loved the minimalist interior almost as much as I loved the food. In an effort to be classy, I didn’t take pictures… sorry. They change the menu pretty frequently though, so chances are whatever we had is already gone.

I took advantage of another midweek day off to go visit my second new(ish) baby in two weeks. I don’t know what’s going on, but I may be getting soft. At any rate, my Sprachduo friend E. had also given birth, and I took the S-Bahn out the other side of Nürnberg to see the two of them. We had a lovely lunch, then strapped the little guy into his stroller for a walk around her village. It’s cute. Nürnberger Land is good like that.

Balcony goals.

It was time to get back on the road though. This time, BV and I were invited along on a road trip with the Gardeners to South Tyrol. We were aiming to surprise the Gardener’s sister and her husband, who vacation there every year. Because you need a vacation from Tuscan hills? I understood that a lot more when I saw the view from our hotel…

Yeah… I could come here every year. That would be okay. A little hiking, a little food, a little wine… two days was so not enough.

BV and our Tuscany friends dressed to match.

We rode back with the Gardeners to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (wasn’t I just here?), where we got out of the car and onto a train. They were driving further west to finish the rest of their vacation, and we headed home. With a quick stop. At Oktoberfest.

What? We were stopping in Munich anyway. You might as well throw stuff in a locker, and go get a Bier and a Hendl.

For the last weekend of September, our first plan was to go to the Camba Home Brewer festival down in Gundelfingen. We went last year and it was a lot of fun, but sadly they didn’t have enough people sign up this year. So if you read this far and know some home brewers in Germany, tell them to call Camba and register for next year!

Plan B was to ride up near Essen with BV’s dad, to see his grandma for her birthday. But after the quick turnaround to South Tyrol and back, we were both exhausted. We ended up canceling and taking it easy. It was good to catch up on some things at home, do a decent supermarket trip, and oh yeah… visit the annual Herbstmarkt in our village.

Hey, you have to leave the house sometimes. Especially for a village fest as picturesque as ours.

And now? I’m looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule, refilling the the old wallet, and staying home for a minute. We got wood delivered today, so fall and winter can come. Not right now, mind you… I’d like to hang out in the garden a bit more.


*Wow, that was a lot of Bayernticket talk. This post was not at all sponsored by ze Deutsche Bahn but maybe it should be. Offer me cash, DB, I won’t say no.

9 thoughts on “Two Months on Tour

    • C’mon, you just spent a whole month in Berlin! That’s nothing to sneeze at either! 🙂 I have no idea if there’s anything worth seeing in Gundelfingen besides the Camba Old Factory where the fest was, but it is fun to say. 🙂

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