Sunday Snapshots: Sunny Praha

21prague corner

Feb. 2009

Today’s photo represents something that I miss dearly… looking up in Prague. Germany has some great architecture, but in cities like Nürnberg that were bombed to smithereens (and most of the big ones, really), you have to look for it. Prague, on the other hand, is a feast for the eyes on nearly every corner. Most weekends were spent wandering the city, stopping for coffees in funky cafes, and seeing where the day took us. Even better when it was under a blindingly blue sky! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Sunny Praha

  1. It’s a long time since I was last in Prague but I hope to make it back again soon! It’s only a few hours from Berlin, after all! Lovely photo 🙂 I miss blue skies…

  2. If you like this architecture, Wien, Budapest and Trieste are highly recommended.
    My personal favourite is Trieste: town, sea and mountains. And the best coffee I’ve ever drunk.

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