Green, Greener, Greenest

If I ever had to associate a color with Germany, there’s no doubt that it would be green.* Talking about the weather is not the most exciting thing in the world, but this has to have been one of the most gorgeous springs that I’ve ever seen. Add to that the fact that I’ve been able to get out and play outside since February, and that makes for one happy Heather.

The trees have pretty much exploded in the last week, and several of my normal train routes are much like riding through green tunnels at this point. I’m a big fan of sitting back, enjoying the ride, and trying to spot deer, rabbits, cats, etc., along the way. The fields slide past the window in big blocks of light green, dark green, and the occasional wide patch of yellow. I tried to capture a bit of it today, please excuse the iPhone on a train quality…

green1Just when you think things can’t get any greener, it rains for a minute and the fields almost start to glow in the sunlight. It is astoundingly, gorgeously green, and it makes my absurd train riding sooooooo much better.

When we got home tonight, there were piles of ominous dark clouds approaching town. Just as we got into the house the thunder started, and we had a pretty impressive cloudburst.

green2 I grabbed this shot out our bedroom window before the cat noticed that we had opened the it. Poor girl is a needy mess on Wednesday nights when we get back here.

The cloudburst passed quickly leaving a double rainbow in its wake. BV was first to grab the new camera, and ran out to the balcony to document it.

green3 green4Does this not look like something that should be shooting out of a unicorn’s butt? Love it.

So let me apologize again for yet another “spring is awesome” post but come on…

Last month in Grainbach

Last month in Grainbach

It’s hard to argue with all this pretty. Green fields like that make me want to roll around like a horse when you take off its saddle. Sometimes it’s hard to remember I’m an adult. Then again, adulthood is a fluid concept, at least in my book.

In summation: If you’re stuck somewhere blah, might I recommend a visit to ze Deutschland? Who could resist a view like this?

Last year in the Allgäu

Last year in the Allgäu

Just consider this an advertisement for the German tourist board.

And German tourist board? If you’re reading this, feel free to send cash.

Fellow Germany dwellers, is green the right color? And apologies if it doesn’t look this good where you are… Bayern for the win!

*Or possibly amber like the beer, but for the sake of argument, let’s go with green.

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